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So anyway uh there you have it let's look at the staff picks four uc to twenty one dan tom luke rockholt mike gone luke rocco trent right smith matt eriksson simon samano bent everyone seeking amok hold really he's that unanimous only steven morocco's going with your romero wow however is barely is 145 it's like i know the three of us went back and forth on this a lot so i'm shocked that everybody can that in like that blades in hot are pretty split dan tom's got mark hunt well no let me say this week dan tom trent right smith bent folks can't hathaway fernanda practice brian garcia jorge garcia and abby soohan soobhan have mark steven morocco no shocker there he's got curtis blades john morgan he's got curtis blades dance stop simon soman and matt airc some amount with mike bond so it's pretty split i'm joking because a few years ago when mark fought big foot silva i'm going to come to the defence of my fellow junkie big foot silver had tested positive for something antidoping right which i don't think it was under you saw the rule but still they were still you know the main of veterans were getting some enhanced testing or maybe it was just regular test who knows a not going to put the story is not that important based on a prior incident two guys had shared fight of the night bonus sorts fifty grand each in that think that incident was on the east coast in new jersey actually i wanna say miller an pat.

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