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These low clouds should live down, mainly cloudy, humid and warmer than yesterday as temperatures get up to near eighty degrees. We're looking at a shower thunderstorm popping up an occasion or two into tonight as well. Temperatures dropping down the upper sixties now it won't be as warm tomorrow. I think we'll stay in the low seventies at best with a couple of showers as we go through the day Thursday and Friday, low to mid seventies, still mainly cloudy, still sticky. But if everything goes, according to what we're seeing in the modeling with Florence coming on shore, then stalling out in the Carolinas that leads us to a nice weekend here, so expect some sunshine. Temperatures approaching eighty both Saturday and Sunday, I'm meteorologist devore with AccuWeather WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty right now in Beverly it's cloudy and seventy degrees. We've got mostly cloudy skies on the vineyard at seventy six in pittsfield, cloudy and sixty five in Boston. It is seventy three degrees and cloudy skies. WBZ news time one oh six it is primary day in New Hampshire to Democrats now competing for the party's nomination to run against incumbent Republican Governor, Chris sununu, it's morning. I spoke about them with WDR. Reporter Jackie Steve Marsh is a democrat former mayor portsmith some would say he's never stopped running since two years ago when he ran he's been running more as a progressive liberal type candidate versus democratic establishment. Molly Kelly has gotten more of the traditional democrat endorsement, she comes from the western part of the state, and that one is a tough one to call a lot of the analysts and people have been around would not be surprised either way. But Kelly is the slight favourite in New Hampshire's first congressional. District eleven Democrats and six Republicans running for their party's nominations. They all want to succeed, retiring democrat, Carol shea porter. Bloomberg business in two minutes on WBZ..

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