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Oh sweet the the boettcher sweetener we have is it's derives based thing but your body doesn't combine nice into and right bose very effectively to make nicotinamide rival which doesn't do that yeah there's actually no example in all of biology in which a base like nicotinamide or adding is just combined with ribe owes to form a nucleoside at sort of not the way it works is so nicotinamide can be can react with a compound called prp to form an amend and then an amend can go to any d or nicotinamide rivasi's can be phosphor elated as technical term to an amend and then form an but the the rivals and the nicotine the nicotine mites great high dose nicotinamide doesn't really do what you want to do because high dose nicotinamide will inhibit 'this enzyme ser two inns whereas highdose nicotine dr aside is in any precursor that doesn't inhibit the cirta wins nicotinic acid is great especially for lowering ldl cholesterol lowering the back less all in raising hdl cholesterol but as to limitations one is that doesn't you know regenerate and a d in all tissues for example doesn't regenerate and a d in neurons which you know we manage them out that matters most and also high dose nicotinic acid causes a flush reaction that's pretty uncomfortable so ours is basically you know it's available to all cells and tissues it doesn't it cer tunes it doesn't goes with lush reaction and that's why it's more valuable three.

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