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On site consumption as coronavirus cases spike in Florida the department of business and professional regulation announced the order effective immediately agriculture commissioner Nikki freed Florida's only statewide elected Democrat says the bars should have never reopened in the first place people go to bars to be social certainly this move today is up in the right direction but just concerned that it's a little too late certainly my heart you know goes out to so many of our small businesses that had to re open now potentially be close again they are struggling in this is why we need to get this under control as fast as possible at a press conference alongside other county officials Palm Beach county mayor Dave Kerner announced that commissioners voted unanimously to implement a mandate that everyone in Palm Beach county must wear a mask Dave Aronberg the state attorney for Palm Beach county urged residents to follow the mandate that's where the mass the county commission passed this ordinance as a way to educate people of the importance of wearing these face masks Erin Burke says although there is not a criminal penalty attached to violating the ordinance it will be enforced not wearing a mask in public could cost you in Miami the city commission voted to impose fines for those who don't wear face covering when out and about after warning for first offense fines could range from fifty to five hundred dollars there are one hundred twenty two thousand nine hundred sixty confirmed cases of covert nineteen in Florida and three thousand three hundred sixty six deaths it's official basketball season restarting the deal finalized Friday with twenty two teams arriving in Florida in less than two weeks the heat open up against the Denver Nuggets August first the Orlando Magic will play the first.

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