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Specie is the executive director of PR and communications at Canary Speech Walking Caitlin. Thanks for being here for having so Canary. Speech was named one of the most promising. Nlp STARTUPS TWO THOUSAND. Nineteen and the company describes itself as being at the intersection of healthcare and technology. Can you tell us a little bit more about what Canary Speech does? And why it is seen as one of the most promising and I'LL BE STARTUPS. Not a great question. You know what I think about. That really takes me back to origin story right. How do we start so five years ago? Our founders Jess Adams in Henry Call. They had been friends for over nearly three decades. Honestly and you know they had lived their careers and they got together and what they wanted to do was set auguste standard in a speech and language industry. They were poised to do it right both. Jeff and Henry. They have a clear the experience in Ashley had the excitement to do it and it really well doctors one question and why light you mentioned because normally talk about speech language industry it really can get techy if you don't really deep which is exciting that fun but what we started with nearest started with was this is how is was humans understand the raw motion in the words that someone speaks. You know when you're talking to your sister or your best friends and you ask how their duty say no good but not you know. There's something different right it's off. And how can we do that as humans? And how you use and what we've done is use machine guided machine learning and to really understand identify conditions. So that really is us so now. Today were six. Hatton's later boss. Us An international. And we've just taken this to a whole new level of redefining speaking language in the healthcare industry and so we talk about healthcare in No the intersection there. That that's really what we're setting out to utilize each language in the healthcare industry and bringing it just that step further so about you know. That's exciting because it does take voice to another level like you said you're not only hearing the words but your understanding you know they should behind what's being said and especially in the healthcare space. That's really important. How are you able to do that? I mean if you can talk about that a little bit. Is there a lot of testing research? They're able to kind us to understand the emotions. Someone's voice yes so really I like to Don frears and so what we've done is we've identified two thousand four hundred fifty eight biomarkers in speech. Okay what is a biomarker? What we're talking about here is like tonal. Quality these aspects of speech but mo up. It's what our body creates. And so we're gonNA find these biomarkers and then we developed bottles that are Z. Specific so they're not person's right cake a rich history of somebody's entire healthcare data and compare it but really what we're duty is a disease that he used mass in really scaled and just be utilized healthcare industry and then he used these models as our speech data so we started out here siege. Five years ago we really were focused on farm street. We were in FDA. Hire me cynical. Trials to this is very controlled environment right and we did this. Because we wanted to be able to cruise our technology and energy to get s right wide able to really tune in for router market or the playstation of it and so we really spent a solid three years of just focusing on these controlled. Studies REALLY AMAZING COPIES. Who wanted to get their to market or just simply to help with a civic disease and so that was really exciting to be a part of that and then we really moved into studies where we from the one hundred group right that were testing to really like in the thousand. Just last month we were able to reach a project that had heard ten thousand over dissipate and that was just exciting me. Mary siege his coming to blow background. Like how is this talk about area of science but what we realized early on was that we need full sets to go into a steadier going for project so what we do is hatcher tissue speech on a person's smart device so we use iphones IPADS android. We use these devices to captures fees. We also talk about the intersection of healthcare technology. What's really exciting is. We decided again early. On though he needed to create that bridge. What we were doing in the healthcare street was connected to what we were going to rate so reduce we include the gold standard Or are the panels which used to go to your doctor if you're dealing with stress I e Rd typically piece of paper that you're asked to allow the pen and paper and rate yourself on Howard layer urge years weeks ago and that's what your position uses to solve. You treats the symptoms that you're dealing with when you work with your physician that you say you could just read their seconds of across cheer South Kearns for the doctors I and made from that based on her stress near Zion Unions. And now we're there which brothels really exciting as a company you've made strides that that's a society scalable. That's Donbass it and resilient school that your physician to news you can use these tests. Don't have to be administrated within the hospital space or in the administrative is like family real and that's a place where is comfortable and you think about what's gone on over the last three or by months with coded ninety it really brings tall houses centerstage in funny. I was seven or eight years ago. I was on one of the committees to bring telehealth mount healthcare in your mouth. Nearly ten years ago I started my career there and is now. I'm embarrassed to say but I used to work for the very first time three months ago. I got a cold sore. I mean I knew it wasn't over ninety but I knew I needed some kind of policy packer. Someone is able to use tell homey bonus. I think that's really going to become the nor so. Yeah that's simple bit of our coaching kind of how I see it. How we see ED signing into healthcare. I agree. I mean we've definitely been using. How much more than we have over time and like I said I love that you all are kind of focusing on this emotional piece. You had mentioned earlier that your company also has multiple patents. Can you share with us? What they are. And why was it important for the company to have patents and do you think that something other voice technology companies should be doing for sure so that we pride ourselves? Moore is coming non-negotiable or Henry Projects. They knew that they wanted language. And in order to do that we had to prove that our technology was novel. And it's really exciting. Because just two weeks ago he had are six patents in the EU and so total right so acid time is for the EU. We were awarded one hundred of our planes which is now is not Donald Law. We were in a meeting with one of our clients. Actually find that I met last lie. Voice show guys and they astor pat they. So what do you think about these pens and looked around set rock-solid on that was exciting? I was excited be in for CEO. So I'll break down. Three strategic areas are Hatton's first one is that selection of the twenty four hundred biomarkers show and that had is called is slipping speech germs for building models for detecting medical conditions. So that patent is discharge behind. It is how we go about these biomarkers and using them within our guy and then the second is the. Pat Huddle is medical assessment based on voice. So there's really strategies around this particular the versus we use these selected biographers to identify. Disease are hunger stations. Each right. We're not to read this verbatim Hans. That's awkward not natural right. We're saying hey is our technology on conversational speech. Something that you and I are right now. And then. The third kind of strategy area is use of this artificial speech on vices in zone patented utilize the techniques together on smart devices. And what would that be your watch or your phone right? In an dots really were strategies are heads and do you think that something that other companies should be considering as well. Yeah I think from my understanding what I've soaked would ask and Henry a lot of times which is amazing but a one of these patents have been created and spinoff universities because in which is amendable enemy. Because it's really those who are in it for researchy they've been able to patent it but I we've been able to go further own past so yes I think it's something not. You're not.

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