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Of these different things and so we'll hear from the Baltimore based sitarist and electronic musician army down we'll hear some music from guy buttery our south African guitarist friend and a collaboration with the sitar player Canada Narahari and begin back in the British Isles we'll hear the York Stan thorn con trio so that'll get us started I'm John Schaefer glad you're with us for this new sounds program last night of our winter pledge drives so I hope you'll at some point in the hour go to our website new sounds dot org and join us as a member of W. NYC let's start with this piece called west Linn wins which is a title straight out of British folk music but you will soon notice that it's not being sung in English and it doesn't really sound like a British folk song this is a re imagining of the tune by James your extend the Scottish singer guitarist and songwriter John thorn the English bass player and sue Heil Yusef Khan the Indian singer and so Ranji player this around he is a kind of a box shaped cello from the subcontinent and it's sue Heil Yusuf Khan who's pretty much front and center for the first two thirds of the peace and it is until you get to the last couple of minutes that James York stone chimes in with the English lyrics to the song it's west Linn wins as you've probably never heard it before from this your extend thorn con trio from an album called nother Russia nine emotions the all good the the the he some west it's the way send you a west Linn wins a song from the trio of York's didn't thorn con from their album Nava rasa nine emotions say collaboration between James York.

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