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This question came up last night on social media between Janice dean of fox news and Robert o'donnell we have on this program on a regular basis former N. Y. P. D. homicide detective about I tell your adult children that you love them rob says I do it every phone call I ended with I love you and and I do I did and let me just say I do do this at times with my adult kids a lot and I love them at the end of a phone call or or when I see Veronica in Annapolis right now is I'm leaving you know I give her a hug and and teller lover but but I do feel like it makes them feel awkward and I don't want to do that but I don't know I guess I should talk to them and and then maybe I should just tell them I love them because I love them and not worry about how it makes them feel I'm just working this out on my own okay you just sit there mind your own biz I'd add that the calls are overwhelming by the way and you know what I love about this it's almost all men who were calling almost all dads who were calling in to talk about this and I love that it Jack in Manassas your next up here Jack on WMAL Hey Larry out why it is good what do you think of this well I'm glad you brought that up because it's funny I'm a I'm a dad of twenty four year old triplets two of them girls and one of them's a boy wow and I've I've been telling them I love them all the time in the distance they can remember and start saying they Love Me back whether it and I still do today my daughters are married in a way at this point my son is local so I see in a little more often but soon when it comes in the house I agreed with a big hug and we talked in and have fellowship and then on the way out the door I grew up in I love you and I also get that they got that stuff the kids Nottingham get on the cheek early on in high school use like come on dad I'm a guy so I gave in to that yeah but the girls when I get to see him again I said get married they they they can't afford to get away from the kids but on phone calls I know these are good and bad I doubt that a mile up over time as they went through college and sure we're making some decisions I thought to be a bit more but I love them bill would voice my disagreement but I always would end up with I love them I think I started yeah I like you came from a family that what didn't throw I love you around a lot at all yeah white Irish Catholic grew up in South Boston yeah and without neighborhood yeah yeah says same I Irish Catholic from Detroit and and is it it's not it's not typical there's not a whole lot I you know listen you got a roof over your head you've got a meal what more proof do you need that I love you yeah exactly exactly yeah you got baked beans and potato sticks in hamburgers on Friday night what do you complain about more do you want that's love it that's not love what is yeah but when I joined the army I joined early out of high school I forced my family after seeing some of the things I did early on where where where folks didn't didn't come back and that that such may and I force my family to change this site that I'm I get bigger and stronger and and well trained and they're a little afraid any site that new role whenever you talk to each other when we go to hang out everyone's ended with I love you what DO what your matter not that's what we're gonna do and its stock and this was back in nineteen seventy nine around long in the tooth all right Jack not with that's great stuff we got to leave it there because I want to get a lot of other voices in here but that's great stuff and I and I think those are that those are all the reasons why this should be a thing and probably is a thing again I'm I'm exposing myself here in didn't let you know that that that it's not a thing in my family and it should be I wanted to be and your over one response tells me that it's it's that I'm the out liar here so I appreciate that to Leslie Alexander go ahead Leslie your next up on that email hi Larry I do want to emphasize a little bit with you as I witnessed this lack of saying I love you in my husband's family they found it very awkward but I do believe that their actions spoke much louder than words ever could although I finally did get my husband to acknowledge and say you must say it's your mother the parts back any.

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