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Parking spaces are taken up shopping carts one guy on top of a sleeping bag rex resting next to it so continue to send these in their they're fantastic pick out a few to talk about on the air we post most of them on the website if we can not any prepare yourself if you're gonna look at the gallery most of our listeners by now have seen the vancouver lying around in various places but there's occasionally guy not wearing too much in the way of clothing so kfi am six forty dot com and that's the johnny ken page trump trump met with a lot of republican california officials today at the white house when you say officials these are elected people some of them were local city council members there also on county boards were there legislators in sacramento i got a list it looks like about about sixteen showed up the biggest would be the house majority leader and representative kevin mccarthy from bakersfield who i think is in line to become an xp ker he's one of the names are mentioned to replace paul ryan anyway he was there this was a meeting at the white house attended by trump jeff sessions was there the head of homeland security kirsten nielsen was there and our buddy immigration and customs enforcement director tom hohmann also there today to welcome this group because what trump is trying to do and he gets a lot of media coverage whatever he does is send the big finger to the state of california when its sanctuary policies assemblywoman melissa melendez from the inland empire lake elsinore was there in fact as i told you because i interviewed a couple of days ago the mayor of los alamos troy edgar was there along with city councilman warren coosa modo and warren is the one that came up with the ordinance resolution whatever you wanna call to exempt los alameda from the sanctuary policies and a lot of it's symbolic but it still matters because you get coverage you get people aware that somebody is fighting back against this crap so let's play some of the audio will begin with clip number one it's melissa melendez the republican assemblywoman from the inland empire let's listen i'll begin by asking california assemblywoman melissa melendez and you have been an inspiration maybe the words and we'll go right around the room okay thank you mr president i just want to start off by saying on behalf of everyone here thank you for inviting us there are more.

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