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I mean yeah and people here take advantage of it going back to what i was saying in the beginning you know. I'm always fascinated by anyone that says to me. Oh you know. I grew up here and you know it's i wanna live in some zone might will you know i. I don't think you actually know how amazing it is here. i think. also there's i don't. I don't think there's a plot but there's definitely no connection you're not brought up to kind of. I know we go on field trips and things like that. But i think there's so much culture inherited cheer and i think it's not being promoted i think is should i know a lot of people blame funding and in this and we can't preserve this church like a lot of the churches are they're just not being kept in they're falling apart I don't wanna sound depressing. But i think that's why i just want to promote beauty and just the the diversity of of what we have here. You know historically yes. I think you're saying that these people who are like why do you live here you. You're you're thinking is like they're not connected to their own land and their own heritage. And what's what's here. Why they don't understand how amazing it is. Yeah and it's it's sad. I think i think i bright in the eyes of some people and they're like oh. I didn't know that i didn't know that You know indefinitely. That's kind of what i had in mind for tonight. There are other things that i i had but like i don't know if you've heard of the cuttingly ferries famous fairy story. Yes do you remember that. Yes helen tell us the story. I do i this involved. Tell us the story. Well i mean it was. It was absolutely famous at the time. i mean truly a because it was all advocated by arthur conan doyle. I mean he's the one who kind of pushed this whole story into the forefront of you know all the journals and papers at the time in london you know Basically the story goes as two cousins. Who lived in a place called cuttingly which is near bradford in west yorkshire And i think there was a little back a little stream and like a little woodland behind their house where they lived And these cousins obviously lived close by to each other. And i think the elder daughters Father was a keen photographer. And at that time you know that wasn't really that popular. Not many people have their own cameras. And of course you know my notes the actual date so. I think this happened notes. I know i've seen the pictures. It's nineteen seventeen okay In one thousand nine hundred seventeen a lot of you might have seen some of the pictures. Yeah so The daughter begged and bags and bags. Her father. who i believe was some kind of engineer. please you.

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