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Really are not our business, unless you really want to believe the fake narrative going around, and it is a fake narrative, is it a fake media driven narrative that police? Brutality is disproportionately killing black people raw statistically. Wrong. But the media. They'll find a way. To give you examples. That they of there to, they want to push. Having said that no, there is no disagreement. There is no controversy here. This is amazing about about what we're watching. There is no conflict controversy over the murder of George Floyd Oh did you hear that? The police officer that put his knee on its man's neck and killed him that you know that he had at least ten prior complaints of excessive force Oh and guess what. Guess who the person was. That did not bring charges against him. Amy Klobuchar. I do believe that she is on the short list. For for Joe, Biden Right I. Think we can just scratch that name off right now. I think we can scratch that name off. They've got the governor who has more decrees? One of the issues that pop up here is the money in house being distributed. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA get into that. At six thirty three. Lightly it's here this morning. At nine fifty on five fifty. KFI ON FM. Ninety five point five hd two. You're listening to the conservative circus. I have your ring. Massive Harrison Plaza. We still wonder we face to. We're still at phase one. We're still in phase one yet. Another a press conference from our governor Lord Ducie. And one of the things that they got into was the federal dollars Doocey said federal dollars going to be helping our local and state governments I want to talk about our local communities We were able to meet with mayors and suit supervisors from around the state yesterday. federal government has hundred dollars to the state to not always support the state, but our our local communities I wanted to listen to the people on the front lines, and that's our mayors and our county supervisors. Supervisors in both urban and rural areas. We were able to have a couple of listening sessions with these folks. They told us what was most important to them, and we were able to make an announcement yesterday as to how we were going to disperse these dollars. Okay, that was Lord Ducie may say has received ninety million dollars. The council has already approved fifty million for public safety since the federal money can be used to cover payroll expenses for responding to or mitigating the COVID nineteen emergency. Another twenty million dollars went to small businesses and seven million is already dedicated to a small business grant program that that's already closed to applicants in the center ring the conservative circus. We have Mesa city councilman. Jeremy, winokur and councilman whitaker had any of the small business. Grants been dispersed used to the applicants. Things running on your show know as of today we have not dispersed any of the understanding it. We're still working on a finalist list. So what's the hold up, I? Mean I don't mean this obliterated, but yeah, what is the holdup? Yeah I. Don't know you know. Government operates at a speed a little bit slower. I think than than the business community, but I think they're trying to vet. The lift and the applications have been filed and they're trying to sort through to see who qualifies and who's not going to all time. Wow, okay. If I understand correctly two thirds of the small businesses, money is unallocated. Where is the rest of that money going to go? Yeah. It's getting really interesting over here, so I mean. They're talking about buying a hotel. You. Call me off guard. Did you just say they're trying? They're thinking about buying a hotel in downtown Mesa. Who's thinking about that? Yeah I mean that's what that's. What the city management and the city council is discussing internally saying that you know and the thing. About that that we can't even balance our budget as it is today so I don't know how they plan on. Taking additional costs of owning an actual hotel. Jeremy Whitaker you just kind of threw me for a loop here. We're talking about small businesses. We're talking about mom and pop shops. We're talking about people who've made applications for for federal monies because the government shut them down. You're telling me that. city of Mesa has received some of these federal monies, but they're thinking about pouring that money into a hotel that they will manage. Almost. All a hotel for the homeless. So right? Okay, we do have Mason City Councilman Jeremy Whittaker in the center ring. Why is the city using the cares money as a reimbursement for the city's covid nineteen, a call center set of leaving that money available for residents business owners. Are you the public safety side of it, yes, yes. Yes, so I mean I think it's really just an accounting gimmick. Right so the Cares Act specifically states that you can't supplant your budget whatever your budget was, you know as of March, you happening team that same budget, but you know there's this loophole where you can say if you use the money for public safety Then you can use the code funds for that. That, so what they're basically doing is calculating. How much of the entire public safety budgets less left for the duration of the year shifting the covert money into the public. Safety Fund and then taking the public safety money and dumping it right back into the General Fund where they can spend it discretionary on on anything that they want. I I believe it's the biggest. The biggest game I've ever seen this ninety million dollars over supposed to be allocated towards. Your community and the thing government. That's supposed to be helping. You is taking that money and using it for their budget. Will Jeremy This is nothing new? I mean we've seen this before, but to see this play out in the what what is being called. A pandemic is very very shocking, so so we have small business people. They have not had the money. Disperse them yet, but the city council over Mesa is real hot to trot and building a hotel for the homeless, and then when it comes to the to the city, using the cares money as a reimbursement. You're telling me there's a whole lot hanky-panky going on finding loopholes in order for the for the city to spend that money. It's just method of they're just taking the money back. Kobe the balanced to balance their own budget where where they should be I, mean I if Americans have to clamp down on their spending I, I think the government should have to as well if if if fails. Taxes decrease I. Mean we'll have three I. Think. We just lost him. That was A. Mason City Councilman Jeremy Whitaker. We just lost more. Somebody just cut 'em off. You think somebody just cut him off with Ross. Somebody down there. Mason city? Oh! Heck is going on..

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