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As promised, we're going to play a voicemail from listener, Jared about recent banning that he faced and it's for the most ridiculous reason ever. Listen to this. Haymarket. Drop. This is Jared. I listen to you every day. Just one of the ones. No, it's it's just social media painting people. Now I actually got fan from the Ugur three d app on the Apple II of Apple app store because I changed my name to a little poop Emoji. And by the flash Harris. So, apparently that was threatening and even though other people on their have F Trump and all these other wonderful user names, I can't have a poop Emoji with five fresh air, that's all I want to think that Yeah, This'd where we are. There's some gaming up out. There you go. Three D That said you can't have a poop emoji that says Biden and Harris on it that is insightful and threatening. And now dude can play you for three d on this app. Sounds like a fun app, though in the world so you can have Ah, poop emoji with F Trump on it. Totally fine. That, But I would ask that guy. What sort of phone does he have? What sort of what? So what is he using? Ended This guy's credit, at least on this. He's willing to walk away from it like he's willing to say over my my poop biting. Here's the verge is willing to walk away from it. It's what as your friend Brandon Straka with the movement he started. What are you willing to walk away from? And what are you willing to sacrifice in the process? Because people were used to easy in this country now, right? We are used to instantaneously instant gratification. Almost everything we do. We can have it instantly. This is going to be long. And it's gonna be hard and you're going to have to give up some conveniences and things you like. If the cause is important enough to you know this guy's credit again. He's doing his part. Okay. See you. I want my poop remote. By Nerys Emoji. If I can't have it or training to be fair, I don't know if he was given a choice. I think that they just said, Oh, you're disparaging the incoming administration by Well, you know what I mean? Whatever. I mean, this is going to be long. It's going to be hard. You're going to have to hit people in the pocketbook, and that means maybe not engaging in or doing some things that you used to do, or you are used to doing and in perspective compared to what our founders gave up. That's just a little fraction of a sacrifice. Um, I want to switch gears and talk about a fun story really fast because it has to do with dogs. You love dogs. I love dogs. And there was an interesting study that was just done by some organization called the Canine Cottages Experiment. They did a study where they had to profile photos of a man and a woman. And with each of those profile photos, they posed that person in the photo with 10 different kinds of breeds of dogs, and then they put those photos on dating APS to see. Like what if the woman was it with these different kinds of dogs, which would garner the most swipe rights or whatever it is that you call it in the dating world. It's in front for dude. It's interesting that they think men would care about what sort of dog a woman has next to her. It's not so much that they care about that. There is a dog, but the kind the breed of the dog actually. Can garner more interest than other Bree because I would be like you're covering the good stuff. Get out of the way. I don't know that the dogs covered anything. They were just in the photo. And so I thought this was so interesting because now they know if you are a woman, and you are looking to get the most swipes from dudes. Now we know the order of which you should the order in which you should choose the dog That's going to be most attractive to men. Okay, okay, and and vice versa so that we could do No way to say this. Is there something weird like that You would need a dog to increase your attractive itty. It's I mean, is attractive. It even a word. I don't I don't know, But this isn't even about the dogs. You needing a dog? It's about if you have a dog. Does it help you or hurt you tow have a different kind of dog. Oh, I see totally about the breeze. I got you okay? So it's the number of times someone gotta swipe, and that's how they ranked these dog breeds. So, for example, if you were a woman and you were posing with a Stratford Shire Bull terrier E had to look it up. Do you know Because you're the doctor's Get up. It kind of looks like a pit bull. But that is what was the most appealing to men. So that is the kind that's the dog that got the most swipes for the woman second, and I'll just read, um, the top 10. So that was the number one This is a woman posing with the dog. I'm imposing with the dog Chill. Wawa was number two, which I am stunned at because I always thought it was kind of a turn off for dudes toe like if a woman has one of those purse dogs, you know what I mean. But apparently they're very attracted to the purse dog and then mixed breed like if it's just a mixed breed is number three caca poo, Jack Russell, German Shepherd Cocker spaniel Lab. French bulldog and should sue those air in order. Okay, so here for you for other dudes, if you pose with a Jack Russell terrier that's going to get you the most swipes from the women. Wow, Right. Don't think this is fastened. Where's English? Bulldog On the list. English There's ah, French Bulldog. Good count. That's not a real bulldog mix. But English bulldog is not on..

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