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Be 'em up. Like could he be the best guy. Like i think cars going to be better of season. Maybe behind car. Could he be the best one. Rest of sees daniel jones over him by mile and i would take bridge over him right now. I just think you look at darnold. I don't know if this is his ceiling but might be feeling where he was living in that low twenties range. I'd say it's been a little disappointing. You know especially against the jets. Say they had a lot of opportunities for more and he just didn't really do enough But so far he's been start a ball. They corrected that last week Let's see we got more anyway. She kobe meyer. Did you give a number on you. Three i wanna give it another week. I just don't want to give up on him. To some jacoby myers. I don't want to go up on susan. Odd because an eight in non pr and three npr. Yeah jonah smith. If i needed a tight end and i saw him on the waiver wire i'd pick them up so i wouldn't drop them zero three best all right. Let's get a little bit deeper into the waiver. Wire here with the options that we have not talked about at quarterback the players that are rostered in seventy five percent or more of leagues that might be available or just fields and kirk cousins just for perspective. Where are you going to rank. Justin feels this week. at cleveland. i think sixteen for me. It's probably somewhere around. That for me. To cousins is in my top twelve them. I thought done. And then you can decide short term versus long term. Teddy bridgewater derek. Carr bridgewater's got the jets. This week carts. The.

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