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And welcome back. Our final segment with Paul W as we talk about the assassinations of Lincoln Kennedy Kennedy, and we'll take your calls as well. Amazing research Paul how did you put your pieces together? Doing this for a long time. I mean, I remember. What president Kennedy was assassinated? I was all four years old. I was in my living room watching my parents, watch TV, watch TV crying, and I was always in the back of my mind. And then when I hit middle school. Somebody gave me a copy of the Warren commission report. I started looking at and it's something that's always stayed with me. And of course, I teach the conspiracy course, so they kind of forces me just to keep the material fresh at Galvin things, you know, in preparation having an interesting course, every fall semester. And then quite frankly, you convince me last year to start writing the book, and for that, I'm very thankful, but it was, but it was nice. Especially last summer. I was able to throw myself into pretty much the research over the course of the entire summer. And you know, it's just as you read through things, you you see a little something that it's a blip that's out of the ordinary and then as you read something on. Another blip pops up, and you find these two blips are are are tied in and then it pretty much takes on a life of its own and one faculties to another which leads to another which leads to another. And you know, and and you do build on the work of other great people who have come be on you, and then take their research and just carry that that one step further, and I think that's kind of why we've had the degree of success that we've had with this right now. All right back to the calls. Gary in Oakland, California, high gear go ahead. Hi, George Paul evidence that proves Richard Nixon was a central figure in the Kennedy murder. Now. Tell me more okay now, there are certain magazines printed. And there are cryptography experts who worked with these magazines for the government and CIA we're talking about time. And Newsweek if you read the bold print from cover to cover into November twenty to sixty three she which came out a week before the murder, you'll find Richard Nixon square in the middle of this conspiracy as documented by government cryptography in the bold print of time and Newsweek surrounding the murder. Explain that a little more force. Okay. Cover to cover that the day of. I think it was a day of the murderer week before. Something on the move who's letting blood.

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