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Probably more scared than you are. Six straight non quality starts six straight. He hasn't completed six innings since June fifteenth so odorous. He's having a little bit of regression now. He's not a disastrous pitcher. I'm not saying go get rid of them. I I'm no he's still he's still a number three pitcher in fantasy it just like he's. He's going through very restaurant here. This is not the match up where you're going to expect them to suddenly get well. I'd like to get A._J.. Your perspective on Reynaldo Lopez. There's a little bit of buzz on the fantasy industry about his effective passed to starts and IDA discussion with this discussion with my brother this week in about this he likes to register of opinion with me on on baseball players and Lopez frustrates me very inconsistent and it seems like he teases us with these two three start stretches hot stretches and then he just tanks right afterwards awards not useful for fantasy. Would you use them here do you buy is there something you've seen that makes you think you should use them and granted is have to admit Hong game against the Miami Marlins now. I I mean with him. I just think he's still way too many fly balls compared to his ground balls <hes> as I mean it's not necessarily turn to but given <hes> as as Eric might say it's all about the baseball <hes> you know the the start against Oakland that he did fairly well in <hes> that was the one game or he didn't give up so many fly ball <hes> but you know it. The trends say that that was the outlier and I'm just a little concerned Kyle. You noted on here the era he's had in his eight starts before that to start hot streak streak throw that number yeah. That's a seven nine three. It's higher than Caper nine yeah that that's not so good from what I'm told so A._J.. If you're not starting Renault the Lopez here are you saying. He doesn't need to be rostered in any form in any sort of way no he doesn't have the most by <hes>. I just redid my ranking this morning and he's fairly at mytalk one hundred starting pitchers so I mean that's certainly not a position where you say you have to have run your author. I inhale. Only I think he does anybody. WHO'S GONNA rotation? If you look at what the Labor Ale free agent lists looks like right now you'd rostrum just because they're just aren't enough bodies. There sure yeah trimmed the starting pool by by half absolutely that he's up fifty be let's say and the in A._l.. Only you need you need that many Mike Lee who threw a near perfect game incredibly nine shutout innings one hit and his last out by the way here's the great part about this. <hes> Eric asks me about this all the time about pitchers facing the same opponent the second time who gets the advantage and I've said my numbers say that it's the pitchers and what Mike leak did here against the Los Angeles. Angels is going to significantly wait the next time I do that analysis he faces the angels on the road on the twelfth goes two thirds of in an and gives up eight seven runs for them earned and then he throws nine shutout innings with one hit nearly gets a perfect game against them at home on the nineteenth. I I don't know what to expect us. Mike Lee here. Here's here's what I would ask. You and I know you've got at the spreadsheet the skills to do there. Is there a difference between the pitchers facing the same team <hes> at home the second time versus on the road the second time because I think that might also be factor. That's a very good point..

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