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In the forties early Saturday morning, but warming into the low to mid fifties for Saturday into Sunday. That's look at our seven day forecast. Let's head back over to Mike. All right, thanks very much making. Look at this. The new video this morning here this is from that so called glass fire that was 0% contained. Spreading fast in Sonoma County that is a red hazy sky. The fire started in the wine country Napa Valley. Well, it's now spread to Sonoma County burned over 36,000 acres and destroyed a total of 113 structures. Glicken veteran Stanton Anderson is now being moved to a new home crews moved the statue of Confederate artillery Officer John Pelham from where it sat for the last 115 years. You might recall the City Council voted a few weeks back to move it. The statue is expected to be set up in Janey Furnace Park in Oh hatching farmers in Alabama, still struggling this morning after Hurricane Sally basically destroyed their crops. Some of them on Monday received a visit from Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue. He towards some of the areas there were farmers lost a bulk of their income this year. They are hoping for financial help, though from the federal government. But most of our origins receives significant damage. You know, either trees blown over or the trees but said to get broken limbs that will affect their longevity. There are several programs available to help the farmers recover. Some state leaders expect the U. S. D a to announce additional resource is for them. Students in the Gulf shores now are able to go back to school. It's been just under two weeks since Hurricane Sally ripped through parts of the Gulf Coast. The storm hit just a few miles from the three schools there in Gulf Shores. The school superintendent down there says he's just glad they were able to open up so soon. The father you went in. It seemed like the damage was worse. And throughout Baldwin County, so we're lucky that schools you know, didn't receive much damage. You just never know along with that. The district, of course, already dealing with the pandemic, so they're doing constant health checks on their students and encouraging parents to do the same. Microsoft programs back up and running now, after a massive outage on Monday that outage impacted several services, including Microsoft Outlook, So a lot of people were having trouble with their e mail. Company officials still looking into what caused the outage, though, but they don't believe it was caused by any malicious activity. Well, as you know, the impact of the pandemic has been really hurting people across all parts of central Alabama. So Debbie Beer, see Fox six news, joining other local broadcasters in an effort to help meet the needs like food, shelter and paying for utilities. So September 30th were taking part in United for United Way. Telling those stories and highlighting ways that you can help and we certainly hope you'll join us on Wednesday for United for United Way is still to come this morning, a new business coming to Homewood,.

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