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If you live and breathe creating branding solutions for clients then we want to meet you go to com rock with US DC dot com that's come rock with dusty C. dot com he traffic and weather news radio seven hundred W. L. Cincinnati police shooting a man who was reportedly armed with a knife and acting a radically in bramble park this is the two thirty reporter rob carpenter breaking now the suspect shot by police yesterday morning in Madisonville at bramble park Cincinnati police chief Ellie and Isaac district two officers received a call for service of an individual in the park acting a radically armed with a knife to district two officers responded being counted the individual in the part came into close contact with him in the parking lot subsequently socks were fired and individual struck multiple times No officers were injured the individual who's not been identified as of yet and it's been taken a university hospital I'm told he's currently in surgery the scene of the shooting the same neighborhood where Cincinnati police officer sunny him was gunned down in the line of duty just four years ago now the latest forecast from the train heating and cooling weather center on news radio seven hundred W. L. got it for the fourth of July for a scattered showers and storms of the tri state but overnight conditions remain quiet with temperatures bottoming out near seventy the heat humidity there will come roaring back for Friday with temperatures in the upper eighties this will also result in another wave of afternoon and evening showers and storms from your severe weather station I'm nine first warning meteorologist Austin Winfield newsradio seven hundred W. L. W. radar remains quiet this early Friday morning seventy four degrees not since twenty twelve has the city of Cincinnati seen a case of measles but four out of five neighboring states have seen cases this year Dr Sharon Hutchens is with the Cincinnati health department we have had a report of possible measles we are in agreement with the doctors in the case that.

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