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Elizabeth when you go to anyway what i'm trying to get at is that she's in so many shows now that hazel headline for this was elisabeth moss who invented television will stars type would mary a new season naturally easier she met television now every time i see little ma's i think she a television it's fatty g is alive things i mean what's funny about harry's is he's clearly making the decisions because every time some news happens like she was in the movie that one the pom door for four uh that that the movie that the force measure guy made again made the next movie the squares oh yeah he's in that says like that one and then all of a sudden you're like you seal is nothing like i'm so happy that i was involved with projects you were you vote with this project like how you're getting all the stuff done i mean that a really nice way like clearly someone's speaking you get all this stuff done the also just side note it's funny imagining you in france being like who won the pom door one the pom door at cannes okay moving on hiram he invited me jury hurrying firm mattiello and um i frankly say i had when i heard putting that you are coming to toronto fee are government sponsored event of how they get with the term of symphony orchestra um i'm so excited my friends than i thought of entire without oh i hope i can you there and take a stocky photo of you.

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