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Thursday morning at seven hundred WLW S. today I had on Julie at this on who is an opponent of the a lot in school I've never I give the things once fascinating to me because of the size and scope in war had especially in in suburbia often talk about Cincinnati Hamlin county and don't pay attention in the burbs in like in love is a beautiful place I've been there I've been there many times in the neighboring in a neighboring town and in November voters are shot on a massive school of the issue of customers about that twenty Bucks a month for a hundred thousand dollars with the home they own and answers all the levee failing the school recently cut seventy two jobs and have more is gonna come up transportation pay to play all that good stuff if you'll shoot it down again next month in March and Amy Krouse isn't studio this morning she is the superintendent of Loveland city schools on the acute hearing centers dot com hotline Amy good morning how are you good good good to see you thanks wow I never get superintendents coming in the morning I'm here in my office now I am if it's the other way around when I was a kid you had a different experience and my heart's beetle faster anyway just about a lot and I'm not about me let's talk about this the first task admittedly well it was one of the biggest I've ever seen when I came on the ballot one oh my god be your past ten low Loveland's passed at ten in a row I think up to that point was was admittedly that mistake putting that big an issue on the ballot so the intent was to complete the full master plan for our facilities in the district court early that was an over reach for the community from affordability Sam points a so we certainly had to regroup significantly after that defeat November right so in the past decade in this is something the no opponents than the opponent to love you brought up yesterday is that in the past decade even some like twelve teachers but tend to administers along with it with that and at the same time enrollment in Laughlin continues to decline or is in decline right now so for those that look at this and go while we're paying middle managers upper managers we got ten new administrators declining enrollment what's going on here is that is that on face why people should vote for this let me I know you're pushing the levee but I'm saying people see that go way too much blow here how do you justify that it was a true it was it isn't true so far what did that sort of a the danger in looking at a single piece of data you don't always get the full story so no different data different people are coded different ways to the state but the truth of it is when you look at from an organizational chart of administrators of district administrators and building administrators with a net gain of three over the ten years okay most of those are repurposed positions we had teachers doing supervisory roles but when mandates from the state to increase that teacher evaluations we had teachers become administrators and re purposing some roles such an actually negative three okay so but a neck and a three inch shrinking all is it a mandate does this is this top down management at the problem here because you have the state telling you you have to have these pieces appliance and so it is so it's it really was re purposing so in the case of to those repairs so it's not it's just simply changing job title out in order to make sure that were compliant with mandates from the state we from from a pupil administrator ratio if you look at the top ten school districts in the area on the news report we're right in the middle of having you know a lot more now we're not we're not top heavy from an administrative standpoint we're not top heavy from a pay standpoint salaries standpoint right right okay and in that makes sense to the people look at go head to the district's ranking reading administrators all those flats yeah okay but but it's not growing like you used to me and I think the boom days or it I live in Mason I know about this you know you start to see it slow down because you can only go so much that in and I think voters here that in that's that's important important thing to get out to as well one of the other allegations was eleven city schools your first year Amy you spent three times more than your predecessors and the yeah and then on top of that after this big levy as well one of the complaints is Hey you know we've got a problem paying as long as it's right size but more importantly we need a line by line where is this money going in the complaint is that you haven't been transparent outside the answer so are you familiar with open checkbook from the heart yeah I was on a founder looking open checkbook dot Gover dot org yeah yeah I know so so so all line items are available for I think we've I that was a problem our customer community to increase transparency our goal is to put I think the treasures goals but ten years up I think we're at five it takes awhile to redact that and get all that up so all those line items are there the year of the increase there was an increase of on an eight percent increase in spending that year attributed to healthcare premiums agenda today if there was anything at look at ten twelve percent increase in health and ten percent increase had been zero for three years which is amazing because I think we pay ten ten percent more months here I concerns were part of a consortium to try to control those Raszyn right region right so on that note though too I I you know look at those statistics because the cost you had is it also because you came in and their things well they they hired me to do a job here and I need to expect the here's a changing hard me to make sense twenty fourteen there was a levy twenty fourteen the levy was past five point six miles was passed in twenty fourteen to do exactly that increase increase opportunities for students increase AB resources for science technology support resources for mental health supports reading all of those things so we implemented a plan to do those at those additions and are proof points so that we make great accomplish whether there's something else to be said this is kind of the weeds are going to get too detailed on this because most of our people listening are living and Lovin but I think it's you know you listen as you go wow that's that's a big ask here property taxes are huge issue will get none of that to the notes of also that just a second Amy Krouse cheesy school superintendent in Loveland asking for more money and and shot a levy in November which is a huge one this one is a bit more temporal getting to that in just a moment but I guess part of the two of you know there's there's technology there's there's those things too that you have to adapt right Sir so twenty fourteen when that **** was made for increasing access to technology teachers are so using overhead projectors you cannot you know what really yeah absolutely so we we were we were way behind leaven it off had operated very frugally for a number of years and it it was at a support from the community to really invest as things and making sure kids had commensurate opportunities not trying to stir passerby is something that we're not but really just commensurate with me how you know report containing a so your grades clubs schools are great they are now we've yeah we've made significant improvement right right Amy to the other thing is and I'm about you know kind of broker dealer the talking to a Julia to sob yesterday he was steadfastly no on the levee issue the ask is you try to broker deals say Hey can you ask for six point nine five mil this time around I think and and they so well anything under six is doable is there room to negotiate their wives a hard was it hard fast almost seven millibars is six can you get can the two sides get someone so we did it we did include our community and trying to make a decision about what would make sense in March we put together a group of community groups and ask for some I spent two nights with them and ask for written feedback and for people gave no mileage and only one person give a millage that was even and was under with out of the range of six point nine five everyone was between six point nine five and as far up as a point nine file suggestions or recommendations to the board really feels like they did hear the recommendation as far as making a change from March eight we can't the auditor are you that board of elections certifies that right and we feel it's critical to protect that the work that we've done and and have our finances in order for next fall all right just doesn't pass then what well this is a passing export for next fall we we don't have a clear view of what our finances were be for next fall so we would have to make additional cuts right now we feel like the **** with the reductions puts in the commitment of the board to reduce expenditures put us on a trajectory to reduce their spending and still protect the investments of the community from that last levy and the programs that we put in place and this is the address of cells because that was the problem the first levy that that found was that you asked for this operating as well as track facilities in it was a it would cost eleven the billion dollar straight think as a number eleven billion per taxpayer year and it's just it was a bridge too far Sir so facilities will have to be addressed at a different date we have the board just on Tuesday nights did work to develop the Planning Commission so the people can be part of the solution as we put applications online we want to community groups to do research and find innovative ways to address facilities to help us like it off finance yes to talk about community engagements and for an arson experience and how do we do those things and affordability tax base in Loveland is tricky we have we have hard work ahead of us affordability will continue to be a problem doctor AT cross the the problem too is also that Loveland and and it's unique because it's such a beautiful coin better my community there's just bursting at the seams now I drive downtown a cross that bridge six likes later I'm able to actually get in the Loveland you know your Bon furniture is right there and it's a beautiful building we got bishops quarter there the bike shop there's there's so much night life and things to do when it's family oriented to get the bike trail all these things the big problem of course is he is the tax bases yet you have a lot of mom and pop you have a lot of residents you don't have big industry there and that's really the the the robot for you guys and right so in ninety two percent of that of property tax falls on our residential property owners in in other school districts where they have a commercial tax base that shared a so again affordability is going to continue to be a problem for level school district we're gonna have to address that together that's a tough thing I will give you credit the because I was looking at that at the website as well as look at all these numbers I don't know half of the map but it looks like there's on information the the point is it the state auditor gave you guys I think the highest rating as far as transparency goes took dance the point you know I'm not as first use inside but I the no people on yesterday in Juliet say the problem is there's no transparency in a scene in a a yet the state auditor said you guys are perfectly transparent so what what what's to be fair what's the crime so I I like and it's you know looking at in an individual pieces of data F. I see your tax returns I I may I can make a judgment if I see your monthly check stubs I can make a judgment and if I see your budget I can see I can make a judgment but truly it's the whole package together of how you tell the story in the situation that you're in so you know we we certainly try to provide as much information.

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