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Yes mother valley law abiding gun owners to keep their guns or acquire guns we can find things that were to do both robin the new thing which i think is very very important because it's an endorsement by the secretary of h h s of the scientific approach so coming from a republican member of the trump administration what he says is really important the endorsement of the secretary is very important and the next step will be to appropriate some funds we did such miraculously job apply eyeing science to preventing motor vehicle deaths in this country we saved half a million live seatbelts seat belts airbags side airbags head bigs fronton collision protection rollover protection elevated brake lights we can do the same thing and we did it all without banning cars they're more cars on the road now than ever in the history of the earth be can do it we can do it for road safety we can do it for gun safety but this language makes clear is that it's not either or like the nra told us twenty years ago we can do both the secretary recognizes we can do both the only way to find those things is through research so it's time to get started there's too many lives at stake that's dr mark rosenberg doctoral lemberg thank you so much my pleasure robin thanks for addressing this important problem.

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