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For turning professional Breakage what's out if you break it escape And the BBC, was how to skateboard competition Luke out Kevin Keegan and Georgie. Base to be the hero of today's young so you don't need those clever center crosses those sliding tackles what's needed now kick through Peres extensions on the vertical and knows, grabs guys, with punk can, is adrenaline stuff famous personalities Katherine Hepburn's aficionado along with hundreds. Of thousands of other kids in in. Britain maybe? Many times I got by Skateboarding it's sixty the architects We were going through a drought here in Los Angeles and people. Had to empty their pools and we had a friend that had a plane who had spot them, and tell us the coordinates and we'd go find him and jumped the fences and bail what water was left in it skate till we got kicked out her arrested and we. Do it, all, over again swimming pools We're always rectangular until a Finnish architect Alvar Aalto and he designed the swimming pool that was kidney shy to me this was then seen by some architects and landscape designers, in America Carpeted long story, short by the. Nineteen seventies you've got, curved below ground kidney shops all over particularly southern California and swimming. Pools become the area where, vertical skateboarding, what people ride up. Onto. Vertical walls rarely takes off then when skate parks I gate Bill the.

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