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I don't care. And i don't know how you guys can look the other way and say well we're still going to give you on the top spot. It's okay to. It's okay to get disqualified. You still you can still be number what i fight feeling. As if algebra sterling is the best bantamweight world. I don't say that. But i didn't. I didn't feel. I didn't necessarily feel that to john was the best band of wind. Let's also forget. Let's also not forget the rules at play here guys because there's no consistency. This is putting hitting the rule. Just writing off out jemaine. Sterling's win take. this is taking. This is taking the issue with the referees and officials because when this same exact thing happened a couple of years ago and a fight between dustin pori eddie alvarez when eddie alvarez egregiously through two knees and basically knocked out and he couldn't continue they call that a no contest now at the time i said that should have been qualification. He was clearly down. Eddie knew he was throwing the knees and it should have been a disqualification. They said no. It's no contest so now there's a no contest on his record. Instead of a win they ran it back and obviously dustin beat him and the right guy one in this case now. Ever disqualification the inconsistency the rules about. What's the disqualification. What's i'm not saying. It's wrong to be a disqualification. Said there's no there's no consistency in the rules. So one disqualification. Everything's no contest. I don't know who's right. Or who's wrong instance. 'cause nobody knows who's right or who's wrong. In that instance. So particular case i agree with sean d. I test is at that moment. Peter yon was winning. Should he be punished and having this title takeaway from sure but does that make me feel like..

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