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Get to Marsh label ten bolt college football predictions for two thousand nineteen. This is amazing. He says that urban Meyer is going to be the next head coach at USC. He also says the Oklahoma Sooners aren't going anywhere. So they're staying in Oklahoma. Are you kidding me? Okay. Not going anywhere. They're not going anywhere the Oklahoma program. What you're telling us is got a lifetime. Lease. They're not going to end up in Las Vegas. They're not gonna end up anywhere. They're going to only be in Oklahoma, the Sooners of Oklahoma. They're not going anywhere. That's what layabout says yet not going anywhere. All right. I don't even know if that's positive or negative to not go anywhere suggests that you're running in place. It doesn't not going anywhere. Is he trying to say that they're going to stay some kind of good where they allow sixty points on defense and tried to score seventy on offense going anywhere. They've been running in place for a while. You're right. The same season every season they points. Eleven Wayne's one or two losses. Quarterback run in place run in place run in place. Give a stoops Ajab run in place running placed running plays. Give us the job Jason white Heisman. Paul finebaum had this to say about many many years going to join us in a half hour. This is what Paul finebaum had to say. What did you just do that, Mike? What are you doing one everyone for the television that we actually have a Paul find book yet? We do. It is a replica of Paul finebaum face. He is raining down horror on many days. I look forward to playing this sound in a half hour to Manny Manny was introduced today in Miami. In my missing something. I just thought he was introduced at temple Manny, would you mind explaining please one apologize especially to the players at temple. However in the short time that I was there and just being around the guys and understanding the culture in that locker room in the talent in that locker room. I have every confidence that that team understands that their Bill to win many. You're full of crap you prompt. Bunch of players that they would play for you at temple. And then you failed on them after three weeks try doing that. If your college football player, I don't think I wanna sign here any longer. I'm gonna lead. Yeah. About that. Mr. NCWA, president Mark Emmer. My I want that clip. So that it just ends with many your full of crap at like, I want a response right there. So if you could edit out the rest of what finebaum to say, I just I just wanna hear what many is has to say to. Hey, manning, your full of crap you went to temple you told the us and temple that that was your dream job until a better dream became available..

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