Russia, Senator, Nasa discussed on Erin Burnett OutFront - NSA Report On Russian Hacking, Trump & His Tweets, 2 London Bridge Attackers Identified


The degree to which russia invaded the election and take a the election away for american voters and whether anybody with the campaign or the transition of the trump administration was working with the russians to sell out the country we gotta get answers to those questions and and and the blog that obviously got the is called the intercept and they're they're reporting obviously that came from the nsa they are noting that the public intelligence assessment of russian hacking that we of course also on january it explicitly said hacking didn't impact the vote count but this new nasa document which is dated may that they said has new information recently inquire acquired i'm sorry that specifically says hackers attack the voter registration process senator when you hear that do you think the vote count could have been affected by the russians oh i i definitely think so let's just maker let's make a distinction here i don't think anybody has suggested that the actual tallies on the machines were affected although that certainly something we should look at but i haven't heard anybody suggest that there's evidence that that occurred but when the when the combined weight of the intelligence committees say that russia was engaging in a wide ranging pattern of action to affect the election to say there was we can determine that there was no affect you'd be foolish to say that especially when you add to the leaking of information the fact that they were sucking data about individuals out side of state boards elections in again and that is all publicly reported material that i'm giving you so look they they intended to affect the outcome.

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