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Are going to be told to sit out. I can see. Ray mcleod playing a lot. I see james washington playing a lot at least in the first half but rigo bussey man. My goodness guys been tearing it up in training camp really excited to see if he could maybe duplicate that in a preseason game next part of the question any and given keith butlers tendency to put linebackers on wide receivers do you think. There's anyone on the team that can actually do it. Besides devon bush. I think there is. I think that marcus allen could do it if he can be more of a linebacker he is a safety. Technically by trade by the way was drafted out of penn state. I think he could do it. I also think that you look at someone. Like ulysses over the third. He could do it as well if he can. Stay healthy a gigantic. If but still he is really athletic and people just don't realize how athletic he actually is if you can get usually three and devin bush to be the tandem on the inside that defense. That's probably the most athletic inside linebacker due in the national football league. When you're talking sideline to sideline matchups would be tremendous. I don't know if it could happen but if it could boy that would be great next question. Todd hall says now that they've announced the ring of honor. Twenty twenty one class where four players. Let's see if i can think of off the top of my head Jon kolb louis lips carnell lake and tons shokhin. Yea i did That was the four for the twenty twenty one class. He's is it too early to say james harrison heath miller. Joey porter should be part of the next class. If not who is the next class. So on the steelers preview. We talked about this. We had a person watching live on youtube and they gave us a five dollar donation at a super chat as we call it to ask us that question i think james harrison and heath miller should both get in the next class. They were dominant at their position. They won super bowls. Team heath one to james harrison. One so i think my gosh. He's a leading. Here's a sack record for the steelers for crying out loud. I'd love to see them get him in there. I know people hate that. He left and went to the patriots played in the super bowl. They didn't win it but still they hate that happened. So i don't care i really don't get james harrison there. Joey porters the only one of the three you mentioned that i would say maybe he should wait a little bit. But when you look at his numbers compared to greg lloyd. You think that. Maybe joey porter should have a spot in there and joey porter did when the super bowl with the steelers so i think all three will eventually get in. I would say that. Heathen james hairs zombie and before joey porter are. Let's go to brian. haynes longtime listener. He said only two questions we jeff number one regarding are ruining the seconds comment about ben. He's talking about him saying they have not closed the door so to speak on rothberg returning in two thousand twenty two. He's what would it take for him not to come back as long as he's competent this year. I think that the only way to ben. If ben is still able to play at a high level if ben still able to deliver the football down the field. He's not banged up. He doesn't have some horrible knee injury. Achilles elbow shoulder whatever if he doesn't have that the only thing that would have him say i'm not coming back is if the steelers. It's the writing on the wall that they are not close to being a contender. That's the only way that i can see that going down that way. If he says. I feel great. I see hearings so play but i'm looking around me. This just doesn't have it years also think next season i mean you're going to have g g smith schuster. He's going to be a free agent. Dante johnson will be a free agent. I believe i'm sorry. Not deonte. johnson. James washington will be a free agent eric. Iran's going to be a free agent. there could be a lot of turnover on offense in. Maybe he doesn't want to go through that. I don't know that. I think the steelers have been can play and still played i level. They would be stupid not to have him back. Second part o'brien's questions. Db believe there is an actual possibility that haskins displaces mason rudolph as the backup hashtag writer to die crew. Hashtag thursday's game day. Thank you brian. I appreciate you always being a very loyal fan of the show. So i do think there's a possibility that haskins could displace mason rudolph as the backup. And what makes me say that. Based on the fact that mason rudolph in my opinion has not proven anything in even though people wanna point two two thousand nineteen and they wanna point to the spot playing at twenty twenty and that week. Seventeen game in cleveland. I that does not as not told me that he is ready fulltime. I am not saying that. I think haskins has done enough to say. That mason is expendable. I'm saying that if haskins does have starting experience who was a first round draft pick who does have the pedigree that haskins if he plays well could displays mason as the backup did not say he's a feature did not say he's a future hall of famer did not say he's the heir to the throne. But he could displace him as the backup. Not putting that out of contention at all taught haul ass with the negatively on mason's play so far does he get significant snaps on thursday even though he is tapped is tapped as the backup or is it a haskins. Dob show now. Todd you asked this question. Probably before. Mike tomlin took to the podium. Mike tomlin said the mason rav is going to start. They don't know exactly how much he's going to play. They have not made that announcement but they said that haskins definitely gonna play probably the second quarter that would tell me that mason rudolph gonna play most of the first dobbs has the entire second half christie. Who i love. She's she's awesome. She says don't have a question but my thirteen year old wyatt. He took a picture at training camp yesterday. Any any wanted to send it to me. They're headed back. They were headed back to practice on tuesday and is a picture of big press. This guy honoree tweet this picture after the show this picture of you can go to my twitter feed and you'll see it. I mean this guy's huge. I mean you see this. Maybe it's the angle but it looks like they're your seeds are great chrissy and man. He is a monster. big press. That makes me all jacked up. That's awesome. i'd just re tweeted it there. You go so thank you awesome. It's awesome and then last question here. Believers says number one has moved to heinz field over latrobe. Made any kind of difference in your eyes. I don't know. I think you'd have to ask the players. I don't think the media is really asked any players this question. The players love it. The players don't wanna go sleep in dorms serious having football football football. Basically shove down your throat. Twenty four seven and that probably were remind them of college players. They don't they didn't like that. The like the pros they. They like being a professional but at the same time i think there is some value to always being there of team bonding team building and things like that. So i think it's kind of a. There are some pluses and minuses. It depend on the player's number. Two what is your big surprise cut. That'll be made that. No one is expecting for me. I think on offense. I'll try to give you one on both sides. What i always do on offense. I would say a surprise cut says someone that is cut. The no one's expecting i want to say..

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