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The KOMO forecast. Now, here's Seth Wayne beautiful middle of the work week. We're gonna hold onto that sunshine and warmth as well. On your Thursday going for about eighty two. Grease seventy two on Friday. Clouds will pick it up the chance of some scattered showers coming our way for the weekend. I'm Seth Wayne in the KOMO weather center as we head toward that eighty degree. Mark here in Seattle is currently sunny and seventy five degrees at KOMO news. Komo news time one oh five. The King County council at this hour is considering whether to put money towards Safeco field upgrades requested by the Mariners while advocates for homelessness labor and tourism voiced their concerns. Komo's sue Romero joins us live with the latest. Yeah. They're meeting today started at nine thirty. So we're going on a three hour meeting. So far the council discussion on this. They have to decide how much money from the hotel motel tax they'll put towards Safeco field. If any two amendments were being considered this morning. One from council member Jeanne kohl-welles would've given twenty six point four million to Safeco that was defeated the other from council member or cancelled chair Joe McDermott, which allocates one hundred thirty five million towards Safeco just past moments ago before that they heard at least in our public comment from advocate. From labor tourism and also immigrant small businesses. Stephan Mortenson supports Safeco field and its workers support funding for Safeco field and beliefs such an agreement for workers is a crucial piece in long term improvement of stadium working King County in general. But there was really no doubt the majority of public comments support allocating more money for homelessness programs. The fact that they're even requesting this money at the same budget that could go towards members of our community. Need people have lost their homes people who are dying is morally sickening, frankly. So once again the amendment that just passed was the one by council chair Joe McDermott allocating one hundred thirty five million dollars towards upgrades for Safeco field. The Mariners had said they may consider leaving. If the upgrade weren't included in a twenty five year new lease to be at Safeco field. NC we'll see what happens next with that. Reporting live, see Romero, KOMO news. And thank you very much for listening to all three and a half hours or so of that testimony that was not not an easy or exciting task necessarily. The ownership group that hopes to bring an NHL team to Seattle has added a few new members. More from komo's Jeff Pohjola. The oak view group now has seven new members among them David Wright of the space needle and Adrian hanauer majority owner of the Seattle. Sounders mayor Jenny durken says the local ownership group will provide a sense of security for those who are still bitter about losing the Sonics. We made sure that we were protecting. We've got that. Now, we've all got the same goal in mind that is a world class arena right here. In the hardest. Seattle to rebuild the Seattle center out. It's gonna be awesome. While the group says they are focused on hockey for now they fully intend to bring an NBA team back to Seattle down the road. Jeff Pohjola, KOMO news. Seattle city council continues to move toward a revised and strengthened tree ordinance. But even its biggest champions is getting there's going to take some more time. We'll come back and have further discussions about at our committee meeting in September nineteenth for now. Planning on taking up the Bill for final action until after the budget, process planning. Land use and zoning committee chair. Rob Johnson says he continues to hear the concerns. People have still some told the committee today action is needed. Now, we can't wait until December or January and ask for moratorium on cutting those trees and tell the nutri ordinances in place others want to see more in the way of tree protections and less in permitting for removal and replacement the ninth circuit court of appeals who sided with six homeless, people ruling cities can't prosecute those without a place to live. Come most. Brian Calvert has more on the case that prompted yesterday's decision. There are several cities in the west that have never considered filing charges against someone because that someone had no place to live. However, Boise is not one of those cities as late as two thousand fourteen Idaho's capital allowed the prosecution of those sleeping on the streets. That you are the rule was amended to say that homeless people could only be prosecuted for living on the street. If shelters weren't full, but this case has gone from court to court until yesterday when a three judge panel on the ninth said, it's just cruel. Bryson.

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