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Come in so fast. And he she was just riding her. Scooter Caitlin was lying in the street. Seriously hurt with a broken, femur pelvis and arm. The driver was long gone. Whereas the conscience of this person knowing that they hit, you know, a child been injured little girl her family and an entire neighborhood want to know who was the person who didn't stop. Komo news time five, oh, wait. The body of missing Cedra Woolley man has been recovered from the Skagit river the sheriff's department received a report late Thursday night that a man who had been fishing near fruitvale and river roads. And cedar a Willie never came home. A family member had gone looking for the man and found his vehicle in the area. A helicopter crew was dispatched from US customs and border protection. And they searched and we're able to locate the man's body not far from his vehicle. The missing man's name has not been made public jet. Ski accident took a woman's life late Saturday on Moses Lake more from komo's Mark Christopher grand Kelly. Authorities have identified a twenty seven year old woman who died after her jetski. Was struck by another jet ski Saturday afternoon around five PM grant county sheriff's office saying Adra Anne rice of the Moines was writing with her eight year old daughter Saturday afternoon near blue Heron park when they're jetski was hit by another jet. Ski driven by seventeen year old male relative who also lives in divine child and teenager were not seriously injured officials say bystanders at the park went into the water and administered first aid to the three until first responders arrived. The three were taken to a Moses Lake hospital rice later died. The investigation of the crash continues markers differ. Komo news. Washington attorney general about Ferguson and forty three of his counterparts from across the country are escalating their fight against the nation's largest generic drug manufacturers in a new lawsuit filed they accused those companies of fixing prices to generate more profit, Ferguson and the other attorneys general originally filed a lawsuit in two thousand sixteen and then the second suit was filed Friday and the vast extent of this organiz cartel, which is what it is is now coming to light. In addition, we're legend that these companies have..

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