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Whoa. Did something in plan on doing Travis which shop to work on time. I definitely didn't plan to do that. Tougher. Sure. The the clock says something different. No, you know, when you get updates on your phone push the button into I didn't mean to push. Yes. Would you get now downloading some update knocking use my next thirty minutes? It what did you hit? I the upgrade. Setting settings does take a while. Dammit are meant to push like dog. But I must suppose you must have the different phone than mine mine's. Yes. Or no. Do it in the middle of the night. You wanna do right? I also check and see what it is. Sometimes you gotta do that settings update. Also whole thing gets wonky. It does get wonky, right? Anyway, you need me look up for you. While you're waiting while. I was responding to people slam DM's and not gonna wait pay. It's national Atlanta Falcons day guys. What how's that a look at the date? What's the date? When he ate three twenty eight you were ahead. Twenty eight nine. Can you didn't that amazing? That's one of those things that probably you never get over. And I'm not talking about those organizationally. Didn't know what the joke was doing those guys even the players there. But just organizationally because the falcons been super rice right that one in the other one gene Robinson got arrested the night before he was interested. He was downloading some stuff. I see. But that could be something that just follows you around forever as an organization, especially if you're a Matt Ryan and you never get back Henman close since. Oh, I mean they've made the playoffs. Once once hasn't been that long ago. Yeah. Buys should hire. Magic than he'll say will you back back back back back babies cuts. Hey, hey. Hey, you know, what else is back? Keys headline this morning.

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