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Right now, Rusty. I'm looking at 76 degrees in case semi it is 76 now and Orlando Severe weather station. They've touch security, triple team traffic it towards what's going on an iPhone. Scott, You got delays on I four eastbound beginning between us 27 at 5 32. Once you get past 5 32 year back up to speed all the way into downtown and westbound remains all clear from Sanford into downtown. Visit the Refresh computer superstore in long Wait to get a complete windows 10 system for just 189 99 at refresh computers. They have what you need at every budget. Visit. Refresh computers dot net with traffic alerts every six minutes in the morning. We're helping you get to work on time from the Wdbo Triple team Traffic Center. I'm Ed Torrance, now one off the duster. One another one. But the dust another one. The dust? Well, a chance of the Olympics goes up in a puff of smoke. Literally. We'll tell you about it next. Retirement. You want solutions that are smart and simple. Listen to Mike Canete and Ryan Herbert of Pro Status Financial Advisors Group and host of the savvy Investor radio Show and Podcast. Wednesday night at nine. Here on Wdbo 173 F M and 5 80 A. M. In an accident and worried about paying your bills. We may be able to help. Hi, I'm attorney Jennifer English at the Orlando Law Group. We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients to help with their injuries, medical bills and to get their lives back. We may be able to help you for free consultation. Call me at 4075124394 that's 475124394 or visit the Orlando law group dot com Now offices Orlando See? See what day is it? Oh, Scott, we call this a protected I thought it was Friday. But you're right. You're right. It is a protect day. You just heard how brutally hot it's gonna be. It's hot. It's muggy.

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