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KOMO exports director Tom Ackerman, and I've excited to tell you about a special exhibit at the cardinals. Museum pain protection and performance, the evolution of baseball equipment, presented by Rawlings, this exhibit takes you through the history of baseball gear from the eighteen hundreds through today, and features over one hundred historic artifacts, I love visiting the cardinals museum and I know you will too. For tickets and info, visit cardinals dot com slash museum. That's cardinals dot com slash museum with battery power made by steal your tools or as charged up to work as you are. And during steel dealer days get thirty dollars off the f-, fifty-six battery, trimmer with a purchase of the BG, fifty-six battery blower, set save on battery power made by steel now during dealer days, visit steel dealers dot com. Rebel, if you're six thirty twenty nineteen participating while supplies last. Not available in all markets. See dealer for details. Saint Louis sports fans. Knew that warm summer days, go best with cardinals baseball and a grill. Full of Clements Braatz. Clements. Is a proud partner of Saint Louis. Cardinals baseball. Now cardinal fans can find the same Brown at their local grocer that they find at the ballpark. Clements. Real often bribes tastes like summer. Mike Shannon here. When you buy a ticket to a ball game, you're getting a lot more than just at ballgame. Getting the fraud, the energy and a great time with your family and friends. It's the same where they ticket from the Missouri lottery. Sure, you're buying the joy of winning and a shot at big time, money. But you're also supporting public education all across Missouri. And speaking of big time, money, thanks to players like you. The Missouri lottery has provided.

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