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Biggest differences between the Democratic and Republican plans how much funding Congress should appropriate for state and local governments. The president's proposal, including over $300 billion while the Republican plan has no money being allocated. At 5 18, the president and first lady paying their respects to a Capitol police officer killed during last month Siege on the Capitol Police Honor Guard Standing Watch over capital Officer Brian Sick, Nick's remains as he lay in honor in the Capitol Rotunda, the president and Dr Jill Biden bowing their heads and prayer. Mr Biden touching the container with the officers cremated remains making the sign of the cross and saluting the flag honoring the man. By rioters here nearly a month ago. That is ABC. Sandy Field Officer Brian Sick, Nick, a New Jersey native who had previously served in the National Guard. Well, a different path to the White House for former presidential candidate Pete Buddha. Judge CBS is Allison Keyes, with reaction is Mayor pizzas. He is often known as confirmed as the first openly gay Cabinet secretary in U. S history. What the judge was confirmed as transportation secretary by 86 to 13 vote in the Senate and Human rights campaign President Alphonso David says that ends an era where LGBT Q plus, people were told they couldn't aspire to higher political office because of their sexual orientation. That is no longer the case, David says. This means young people now know that they can run and win were elated that we were able to break down this barrier. Once and for all. Allison Keyes. CBS NEWS Washington had 5 19 President Biden signing another Syriza of orders to undo his predecessors, immigration policies, the latest executive actions taking aim at family separation, border security and legal immigration. The proposed legislation is looking to give legal status in a path to citizenship to all of the estimated 11 million people. In the country who do not have it. Meantime, at 5 20 Democrats laying out their arguments and the second impeachment trial of former President Trump filing an 80 page brief, accusing him of inciting the attack of the gap of Trump's new legal team. In their 14 page response, saying the Senate lacks jurisdiction to remove from office, a man who does not hold office at one of his lawyers saying this to Fox News. Can you imagine any American citizen? Considering it to be a trial in which the judge and jury has already announced publicly that the defendant must be convicted in this case and Trump's legal team, arguing that Trump's speech before the Capitol riot is protected under the First Amendment entered Ember ABC NEWS Washington Now that we are in the month of February, if you're looking to brush up on black history this month, man and Worcester has a perfect game for you. How many price and his family were killing time in quarantine with a card game. Like what? If To create a game that could celebrate black history. This was around like the George Floyd movement, so he went all in and spent the summer perfecting the rules. I have like my one with that cards and I magic market them. The finished product is a mix of historical trivia. Guess the slang and a category called Truth or dance, some serious potential for embarrassment there, but win or lose. The real object of the game is to learn none of these dances before making his game. Now I'm cheating when I played the game, so as long as you don't play with Dominique, you might have a shot to win that blacked out game All one word match your WBZ Boston's news radio's 5 21. We've got a break in the action. In.

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