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The Tom Hartman program is the molar report or reading from page fifty. They're talking about the this is under the section intrusions targeting the administration of us elections. The GRU you is the Russian intelligence service or a Russian intelligence service, Jerry, you officers redacted by Bill bar, scans state and local websites for their abilities. For example, over a two day period in July twenty sixteen. GRU officers redacted by Bill bar for vulnerabilities on websites of more than two dozen states. And then the rest of the page and all the footnotes are redacted age fifty one, the top paragraph is redacted similar redacted for vulnerabilities continued throughout the election. In seven four four five five also sent spear phishing emails to public officials involved in election administration and personnel companies involved in voting technology, excuse me in August twenty sixteen g R you officers targeted employees of redacted avoiding technology company, that develops software used by numerous US counties to manage voter rolls and installed malware on the company network. Similarly in November twenty sixteen the year you spent spent spear phishing emails to over one hundred twenty Email account used by Florida county officials responsible for administering the 2016 US election, the spear phishing, emails, contained an attached word document, coated with malicious software commonly referred to as a Trojan that permitted the GR you to access the in fact in computer, the FBI was separately responsible for this investigation. We understand the FBI believes that this operation, enable, the GR you to gain access to the network of at least one Florida county government office, did not independently. Verify that, that belief and as explained above did not undertake investigative steps that would have been necessary to do so d- Trump campaign and the dissemination of hack materials. The Trump campaign showed interest in WikiLeaks is release of hacked materials throughout the summer and fall of twenty sixteen and the rest of that page is redacted page fifty to the top half of the page is redacted on June. This is conflict contacts with the campaign about WikiLeaks. On June twelve twenty sixteen Assange claim to televise interview to quote have emails, relating to Hillary Clinton, which are pending publication and quote, but provided. No additional context indie briefings with the office. Former deputy campaign chairman, Rick gates said that redacted gates recalled candidate Trump in generally frustrated that the Clinton emails up in found Paul Manafort, who would later become campaign chairman redacted by Bill bar, and then the, the footnotes on that page redacted to moving along to page fifty three Michael Cohen, former executive vice president of the Trump organization special counsel to Donald J Trump told the office that he recalled an incident in which he was in candidate trumps office in Trump Tower. And then the rest of that is redacted going further told the office that after WikiLeaks, subsequent releases stolen DNC emails in July twenty sixteen candidate Trump said to Cohen something to the effect of, and then that part is redacted by Bill bar according to gates manner. Afford expressed excitement about the release redacted by Bill bar. Manafort, for his part told this office that shortly after WikiLeaks, July, twenty second release Manafort, also spoke with candidate Trump and the rest of that is redacted by Bill bar. Manafort, also redacted by Bill bar wanted to be kept appraised of any of any redacted by Bill bar pitch, fifty three oh of any development with WikiLeaks and separately told gates to keep in touch redacted by Bill bar about future WikiLeaks releases according to gates by the late summer of two thousand sixteen the Trump campaign was planning to press strategy campaign, a communications campaign, and messaging based on the possible release of Clinton emails by Wiki leaks redacted by Bill bar, while Trump and gates drive into the LaGuardia Airport redacted by Bill bar shortly after the call candidate Trump told gates, more releases of damaging information would becoming next paragraph redacted by. Bill bar, the next paragraph redacted, the next paragraph redacted Coursey is an author who holds a doctorate in political science in two thousand sixteen. Coursey also worked for the media outlet WorldNet daily, and then the rest of page fifty four as redacted by Bill bar page fifty five first paragraph redacted by Bill bar. Course he told the officer in interviews that he must have previously discussed Assange with Malik redacted by Bill bar redacted by Bill bar. According to Malik Corsi asked into put Coursey in touch with Santorum Coursey wished to interview Malik recall. Of course, he also suggested that individuals in the orbit of UK politician Nigel Faraj might be able to contact Assange, Nasc Malik, new them, toll car see that he would think about the request but made no actual attempt to connect Coursey with Assange and the rest of page fifty five is redacted age fifty six Malik stated to investigators the beginning in or about August twenty sixteen. He of course he had multiple FaceTime. Discussions with WikiLeaks redacted by Bill bar ad made a connection to Assange and that, and that the leaked and that the hacked emails are John Podesta would be released prior to election day. It would be helpful to the Trump campaign in one conversation inner around August or September twenty sixteen. Of course, he told Malik that the release of the pedestrian emails coming, after which, quote, we are going to be in the driver's seat. And then the rest of that page is redacted by Bill Maher Bill bar page fifty seven the entire page fifty seven is redacted by Bill bar..

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