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News and Amazon. Alexa five people prosecutors have linked to a Kansas City metro chapter of the proud Boys have been arrested on federal charges for their alleged roles and the January 6 breach at the U. S. Capitol. Probable cause affidavit alleges they conspired to impede certification of the electoral college vote. They face charges of conspiracy. Civil disorder and obstruction of an official proceeding, among other charges, and this as authorities are continuing to look into a law enforcement officers Death during the capital riot following the death of U. S Capitol police officer Brian Sick, Nick. Federal law enforcement sources say they're making progress with their investigation. One theory is that it was bear spray or tear gas, causing a reaction leading to his death on January 7th law enforcement used pepper spray and other items to slow down the mob. The government alleges several the riders brought Tasers and bear spray with them. Utah Republican Senator Mitt Romney met with Capitol police officer Eugene Goodman, who heroically got it Romney to safety on January 6th, Romney told reporters about Officer Goodman quote. He indicated that he had to breathe a lot of bear spray and tear gas and that he was nauseated on Capitol Hill. Mike Emanuel Fox News. Meanwhile, in Indiana University is getting rid of the school's mascot. And nickname over its ties to hate groups. Valparaiso University Thursday announced it's dropping the team name Crusaders as well as their logo on mascot. The decision coming after a decades long debate that has intensified recently because groups like the Ku Klux Klan had begun to use these symbols and words, faculty and student Senate's, along with Val Pose Alumni board approved resolutions to reassess the appropriateness of the Crusaders moniker. Mascots are intended to help us show our school spirit. Represent Balbo values rather than be divisive and symbolized. Negativity. Valparaiso STUDENT Body President Caitlin Steinhauser in a video posted to YouTube committee is being established to determine the new name and mascot for Val..

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