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As soon as this crew is done out here that's when they'll begin to really get a sense of all the repairs that need to be made back to you now we feel for Jim thank you very much to all strong winds tonight are causing a lot of problems for utility workers and drivers across the region this is a look at a power poll that came crashing down along Petrovich give road in Renton police were out there directing traffic until crews could clear the road tonight storm is causing dozens of power outages this is the Puget Sound energy map each one of those red zones is an outage at one point tonight more than twenty eight thousand customers were in the dark we're tracking a new flood alert along the Green River this is a live look in Auburn and you can see the water covering Green River Road and it's still raining and raining hard there is you can see releases from a damn of push the Green River to flood stage four and that could cause severe flooding the cedar river is also at phase four crews are planning to patrol those areas overnight to watch the levees and track that flooding now to the mountains right now the cascades are getting socked this is a live look at so called me pass with the rain a switch to snow and it is coming down hard it was called Miller's live in the past for more than a foot of snow could fall by to Morrow morning call you as well earlier tonight that you mention it more seeing that snow now it is coming down at a pretty good pace over on I ninety eight is getting slushy in spots and that could make travel over the past tricky as we head into the overnight hours but all of that said skiers and snowboarders they couldn't be happier under the lights this summit at snow call me was the place to be for those seeking snow the chairlifts busy as skiers squeeze.

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