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This is all is tonight yet. So tonight by the time podcast drops will have known who took the series between the as in the Astros predictions predictions. I mean, you know where my heart is. That's not even we don't even need to predict that. We don't even need to get an unbiased prediction on who takes this as Astro showdown. So Dallas you're taking the Astros is that am I interpreting number close? Oh, no. Okay. You know what? I have no out of interest in rooting for the Houston Astros to do anything positive for the remainder of this season. Basically, the athletics are the story that I love. They got k. hill against tonight, Jimmy k hill. And we've got taking Trevor's Trevor is going to keep the ball on the ground titles. Gonna have one of those nights where it's like, you know, he's never when he's not getting the calls. Athletics close the gap gimme the aids. Oh, okay. With those as that'd would be nice little half game back last time. These two teams meet face to face going, they'll September half game separating these two squads won a race that would be the NL west. Another great race to the Braves to the Braves, hang onto the Phillies, get their heads out of their asses. That's that's what I'm looking to see. This is. Not. I'm not trying to say that the Phillies are just slip sliding away until the end of the year. At what point to the Phillies there fucking heads out of the rashes. 'cause I don't think I don't think they're just gonna fall out of it. I don't think that they're just going to be. I don't think it Lanta Braves are winning this division by seven and a half game or seven games are more. I don't think that's happening. So we'll see. Open other great week in baseball. We'll meet you right back here next week. So you. You. No..

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