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You know, a character says that towards the end of the book character deli, the political philosophers, university of Chicago, and she sitting next this philanthropists sandy Weill who keeps talking about, you know, the government's awful. The government's this, by the way sandy row pushed for the government to do less and less and less. You call them a flat therapist, former of CitiGroup format city. Group now philan- Dow philanthropy panel, but yeah, yeah. You know, he kept sitting on this panel saying, well, the government can't do this. Government can't do that. And first of all, he pushed as hard as anybody for the government to do less than it did in regulating CitiGroup. Ding varies of the things which helped cause a financial crisis, which then caused the government have to bail out all these companies like CitiGroup, which made the government have even less money while it did that. And she just looked at him and she said, the government is us. And I think there's a way in which government has been other by thirty or forty years of neo-liberal ideology. So it's been turned into some illion invading force. And yeah, it's hugely imperfect, and we've all been to the DMV and a lot of parts of the government are more like the DMV the not. But I also think when government works, we don't think about it. I mean, I have lived in other countries. I've lived in countries where every meal in a restaurant is a dangerous experience. Right? I'm not sure. I remember the last time I got sick. Eating in a restaurant in America. Do you understand like what a civilizational accomplishment? That is interesting how hard that is to achieve if you travel the world, you understand, that's a precarious fragile thing. That is a goddamn miracle. We've been able to pull off and there's a thousand little miracles. Like when I put a car seat in my car, it does not occur to me that it's not properly tested that it won't work if there's an accident. Like when I buy a car, it does not occur to me that like it's not safe as safe as it could be in the case of an accident, are they're exceptions? Yeah, but in general we forget that, yeah, governments frustrating and annoying inefficient, but like what it is doing in an unsung way everyday that allows us to not be in the situation that frankly, most countries in the world are still in is a fucking miracle. So the government is your dysfunctional family, but you don't go to a restaurant, eat alone on thanksgiving. You go to your dysfunctional family. You're trying to make it better. So I'm going to say two things. One is that I agree with. Cheer almost everything. You just said a nominee take the other side of the argument. This is like the holy grail. Signature as remove in the podcast. Hello. Government is us is this thing liberals love to say, government is the term we have for things we do together, but this is a book about elites and it's a book about elite networks and you were talking about how do people read it, think the rich and powerful rule the world. And I think if you read them, what they think is that there's not this distinction between government and flam creepy and business, and not only that, I think to a very large extent they are right there revolving doors between all these different groups. There are very powerful networks certainly operate at the the high levels of government that feed people in and feed them out. I don't know about the Aspen fellowship specifically, but a lot of these fellowships are full of former government people. Hillary Clinton is giving these super expensive speeches to corporate associations to politics..

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