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Got you know it's pretty the world's biggest mindset basically out of action and that's the moment chief and hartley leaky us go a lot and you at least economic gotta coming out of on the the after couple away extends yeah couple still struggling to to push about excelled in goals with you know anytime you're on the flight to the toughest guys down but ye potential but the you know it can stick to the look i think the the cody market but the you know underline pressure's off think of building what we're going to take out the goal but what got the call what do you got to say a couple prices reflect got a bit more i'm the knicks to put that yeah but a lot of this comes down to where the dollar goes dollar index it just holding above that one hundred level what what's your outlook in the currency yeah you're right i mean this any appeared for it when as i can struck out a little bit we saw that and she was well but you know it okay all match he hit me for that and that you it goes yeah action to to start to to let go up to get some i don't see you expect that they houston you are still a hotly breaker it it stanley not for the leafs to the commodity sector not yeah no significant enough eight when it really good royal and the other the fundamentals what can come true nice buckets yeah daniels thanks very much daniel hynes era senior strenuous commodity instead banking good i asked that's silly doctor copter story because couple was up six games in a row but it as daniel mention struggling get over six thousand fifty nine thirty five times in.

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