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It is not possible that this has the it is in other words it is inevitable that this will open the use of impeachment as a replacement for a lecture in American history you cannot open this door and then have it closed impeachment was recorded historically as exceedingly rare and in case you don't know the only reason the house impeached president Clinton was that he lied under oath while president not for his affair I remember first of all I was not for impeachment by the way just for the record you cannot find a single word he said or wrote that said I think he should be impeached I was torn because lying under oath for this the chief legal officer of the country is an issue I begged him all I said just what did he just say in the beginning I send I'm sorry it would have passed over in two weeks that's all he had to do the vast majority of Americans right or left are not going to lose sleep over consensual affair by a president yes it was with an intern she pursued him veils or weak many emails let's put it that way and he did what he did as I said at the time I still feel as I said at the time all righty I don't believe that people there there is always a child.

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