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Police in Phoenix snap believe they know who impregnated an incapacitated woman had a long term healthcare facility. America county. Judge holding year, Nathan Sutherland and a half million dollars cash bond here on one count sex assault across to felony. Count child abuse a class to accused of raping and incapacitated woman who gave birth late last month at hacienda health in Phoenix. The birth of the baby boy's stunned other caregivers and family members. Police links Sutherland via DNA match to the baby boy who's now being cared for by the victim's family. Sutherland is back in court next week. Jeff monosso, Fox News United States formally recognizing opposition leader one Guido has the new interim president of Venezuela. This is a good day for freedom America American people in this president this administration will continue to stand without apology for freedom and with president Guido vice President Mike Pence on Trish Regan, primetime on the FOX business network. But nNcholas Maduro insists he is still Venezuela's leader. So far he has the backing of that country's military. The US will remain engaged in the Middle East despite the planned withdrawal of U S forces in Syria, according to secretary of state, Mike. Pompeo telling FOX's the story with Martha McCallum in Syria. President Trump has made a tactical decision. We're going to withdraw our two thousand uniformed military personnel from that country. But make no mistake about it, the defeat of the caliphate ISIS caliphate, and is almost complete. We're going to stay there till it's done this threat from radical Islamic terrorism is a global threat and America will posture itself. But a way to ensure that we're doing all the weekend to protect the American people from that threat secretary Pompeii also says he's optimistic about the administration's soon to be released Middle East peace plan in New York. I'm Jack Callaghan..

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