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Quoting Liberals so they've already ruled out supporting the Conservatives have should win the most seats not a majority but he's laid out six urgent prior and the Greens formed or coalitions that we liked it without an election so this is where I had largely invisible role the governor general becomes a bit more visible because their discretionary matters right it becomes a from the moment where the Governor General says okay I'm GonNa give this other power sharing agreement an opportunity to to to form government it will be really interesting to see whether Trudeau resigned as prime minister or not because if the differential is not that big he gets a chance to form government I anyway and so the Conservatives will more than likely complain and say yeah they won the election so they should be the ones to form the government yeah and if they if they were trying to cobble something together they they were minority government and then they were trying to get votes past? It's difficult to see where that support would come from is it not a cause so as you said Sandy P not interested Green Party in no way aligned people's Party of Canada may not even win one seat so we'll see so that leaves the Bloc Quebecois and we saw a speech from Andrew Scheer this week in Quebec that was very much trying to appeal to soft nationalist easily be people that you know might think about sovereignty but are willing to think about other things and could be pulled toward some conservative ideas trying to say you can look after things in your own house and I will empower you to do that which to me is not only an opening too soft nationalists to vote for him but is also an opening to the block habit qua- to say if we it to a point where we need your help to survive confidence votes here are some things that we're willing to do to get that the problem with that though is the closest we God to any sort of coalition in recent history would be back in two thousand and eight the Conservatives had formed government they put on the table you know sort of a regular all economic update where they had plans to cut spending to sell off some assets to get rid of the provoked subsidy that that wasn't a place for parties for every vote they got they got a buck ninety five back in return so a bunch of things in there that really upset the opposition parties the Liberals the MVP and the block so that liberals and the MVP decided will were GonNa try and try and stop this from happening they got together and formed that coalition that formal agreement to try and toss the conservative overboard but because they didn't have enough numbers they also asked the Bloc Quebecois to join sort of as a side dance partner just the you get the right numbers to force that confidence vote but because Stephanie O. who was of course the liberal leader at the time had said in the election I'm not going to form a coalition and because the Bloc Quebecois was at the table which outraged conservatives Stephen Harper sort of destroyed all of that by calling this an agreement with the scary separatists and managed to convince the Governor General Mikhail John at the time to Perot Parliament which means end the parliamentary sitting prevent vote from happening in allow the Conservatives to regroup it was an insane time in Canadian politics and the coalition fell apart ultimately destroyed Steph NGOs career and is a lot of danger for the Conservatives or any party in trying to align themselves with the block in a formal or even informal way Why would image here uh-huh is it simply about wanting to make sure that they get attached to govern after the election because he does not strike me as a person who has at least nothing he said so far has has intimated that he's the kind of leader who would want to give the block any kind of opening yet no I agree with you and maybe the speech in Quebec was really about trying to get the votes of soft nationalists and less about reach out to the Bloc Quebecois but given that we don't see anyone else that would be naturally aligned with the Conservative Party they have to see thinking about that too if you're in a minority government situation and you don't WanNa go election in six months and Lord I don't WanNa go where do you want to do this again I dude allow that to happen you know I'm not advocating for one version of minority versus another I think if you're feeling like you just WanNa have government and elected officials.

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