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All book that President Trump frequently used the. N. word while he was host of the apprentice she was a, contested on the first season of that show says there are tapes that backup her story, Rosa went on to work at the White House but was fired last December after what the Trump administration called multiple. Instances of misconduct Kanye. Was on Kimmel last night, talking about Donald Trump he said he resented the Critics who've attacked him for saying he liked the president assuming, that all black people must be Democrats e then went silence when he was asked this, so famously and so powerfully said George Bush doesn't care about black people it makes me wonder what makes you think that Donald Trump does. Or any people at all Why don't we take a break we'll come back and Kanye west If you were counting it actually stretched out to three. Seconds of silence from his arms folded before. Kimmel went to break police had to be called to Massachusetts, restaurants photographer claimed that he was roughed up by actor Bill. Murray the guy, claims he was taking pictures of a band win. Murray started swearing slammed him against the. Door port water, on them the actor Maria has a, different story he. Told police the. Guy was taking pictures of him not. The band nobody was charged Casey Affleck now admitting some bad behavior the Linda allegations of sexual misconduct said he didn't fully understand his responsibilities toward the. Cast and crew. Of the two thousand ten film he produced. Called I'm still here I contributed to that unprofessional, and I tolerated I tolerated that kind of behavior from other people and I wish that I hadn't athlete won best actor Oscar, for his two thousand sixteen film Manchester by, the sea and says his behavior on the earlier movie was unprofessional this is his first? Interview coming out and speaking after Skipping the Oscars you're supposed to be, at the Oscars. To present but didn't I two women who worked for him. On that film Manchester by the sea later sued. Him over his conduct but both cases were eventually settled out of court and again talking now because he's got a new. Film coming out let's talk now about the. Space force because there are reports the president's plans are going, to have some trouble getting off the grounds proposal to set. Up a six, branch of the armed forces and needs congressional approval. The former head of the air force. Says it's gonna, be tough to get that house and, Senate negotiators killed. The idea in discussions over the defense budget last year. The administrator of NASA tells Fox News is separate foresees needed to protect space assets we have hundreds of billions of dollars worth of activity in space. Plus our American. Astronauts it's also true that the annual economy. For space activity is three hundred and fifty billion, dollars annually and President Trump is is really doing the right thing by making sure that it secure which is necessary administration says, both Russia and China getting more aggressive in, space US security and Orbis needs to be ramped up Downtown Los. Angeles west tan. To the north and southbound one ten you've got, that transition shut down there fixing it then the sand barrels got, hit earlier this morning we're going to tell you more, about that coming up at nine forty five it's nine forty one business owners I know that managing your expenses is. Critical to your success but when's the last time you took a good hard look at your monthly internet and phone Bill if you don't have Spectrum Business internet or phone at your office you might be a little. Surprised to find you're paying a lot more, than that low rate you signed up for that's because other providers they don't tell you things things about all. The extra, taxes and hidden fees at rates things like state and local taxes phone taxes. Regulatory. Fees additional fees nobody really understands but look at it it's right. There on your phone..

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