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What's most important. Your recovery. It's time to anticipate more. It's time to visit Asbury Methodist village dot org's an equal opportunity housing provider. It's Tuo to welcome in on Wednesday, July 1st 2020 with partly cloudy skies 84 degrees in Washington. Good afternoon to you on Deborah Feinstein the top local stories we're following this hour. We've got new information for you today about plans for fourth of July on the National Mall. Multiple fireworks launch locations will extend between the Jefferson and Lincoln memorials along the National Mall, The show said To be approximately 35 minutes long begins at 907 and reportedly will be viewable from three miles away. A news release from the Department of the Interior, says President Trump's 2020 salute to America will include military flyovers, beginning about 6 45 They'll wrap up about eight Ah secured viewing area on the mall will extend between 17th Street and the Lincoln Memorial between Constitution and Independence Avenues. There will be four gates for entry. Details at w GOP dot com. Christi King. W T o P News Well, DCs Mayor is not happy about the events and she's hoping you don't go down. Downtown. Despite a federal plan to go forward with the fireworks display on the Mall, D. C. Mayor Muriel Bowser is urging residents to celebrate Independence Day at home. We are seeing dramatic increases in cases across the country, and we don't want that to happen in D. C. So we're asking you to do your part, the district is deploying safety teams in 17 neighborhoods. To monitor for illegal fireworks. Fire Chief Gregory Dean says four people, including a child, have been badly burned this summer. While sparklers are legal. They are dangerous. A sparkler can give off temperatures of 2000 degrees, the same as a blowtorch. Meghan Cloherty w GOP news 204 Now A group of Senate Republicans today called for a vote on D C statehood and strongly urged the Senate to reject it. W GOP's Mitchell Miller following that forest from Capitol Hill, it would empower the most radical agenda and modern American politics. South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham says making D C. The 51st state is a power grab aimed at giving the district to Democratic senators. He wants a Senate vote to put lawmakers on the record. Now that the House has approved the measure, Arkansas Republican Tom Cotton who joined him, says D C shouldn't be a state and needed help with recent rioting. What did it take to stop that riding the DC National Guard, which is under the control of the department, defense and federal law Enforcement. The Democrats statehood bill would strip the president's ability to order in the National Guard and give the power to the mayor. On Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller. W GOP NEWS New Today We're hearing from the Federal Bureau of Alcohol,.

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