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And museum for honoring a scribe for his life's work, and he is back on the program from the athletic and the MLB network Jason star. Congratulations, Jason rich. Thank you, so much, my friend who I what does this mean, man? This is awesome. This is fantastic. Awesome. I was up in Cooperstown. Last week meeting with people from hall of fame, and it it almost feels like thinning this someone else. But apparently, it's happening to me, and it's a real out of body experience. I can't tell you how excited I am to be part of such a distinguished group. I've taken great pains to make sure that people understand. I'd not comparing myself to marry I- Rivera or ROY halladay or Edgar Mike Mussina. My achievements are much different than theirs, but we will be bonded forever by that weekend. And that's really cool qualify. Jason seriously. Like everybody understands you didn't throw a fastball. He didn't eat inside nap off a curve or as Joe Torry told us yesterday, I was unaware just flat out developed a cutter in a bullpen session with Mel Stottlemyre is Marianne did back in the day. But you you deserve it, man. I mean, I've read your stuff for some time. I'm pleased to say that we were colleagues ESPN back in the day. And it's it's the greatest adult. Mitzvah party. You're about to have this is the greatest Jason really good way to describe it. My wife is used the same analogy. Well, look, I mean in Peter gammons can be part of your candle lighting ceremony will be fantastic. So let's let's get into. Let's get into the hall of fame class for the players side of things. What do you think makes it so unique obviously than other than Rivera's selection as unanimous thought all four players that we elected were great stories in their own right Marianna? Oh, I understand it Willie Mays Babe Ruth, and Ken Griffey and probably a dozen other guys should've been unanimous before him. But one of the things I think this makes totally clear is that the gap between him, and whoever you think is the second best closer of all time is so. I'd it might be wider than at any other position in baseball or in sports. So it was impossible for anybody to find a reason not to vote for Marian Rivera and thank God. We put an end to the dopey is tradition in sports. Mike mussina? I, you know. I'm thrilled that he made it. I've voted for for a long time. He was the biggest drama the day wasn't sure he would get their made up by seven votes. Your I voted for for a decade. I wrote a book of decade ago on the most overrated underrated players of all time at you as my most underrated D H after revise that chapter. Incredible offensive force. And then there's the ROY halladay story all the joy mixed with all the sadness. I still don't know how to process that. He's not going to be there next July. Obviously you spent many many moon in Philadelphia. What what what do you think that's going to be like with with Halliday and his family? And obviously the fact that he went down in a in a single pilot plane crash a couple of Jason. Well. It's going to be so emotional. You know, if you if you listen to his wife brandy speak yesterday at the gathering of of hall of famers. She's mazing, and so eloquent, and thoughtful, and well-spoken and honest and. You know, I'm I'm assuming it'll be you know, it'll fall to her to speak that day. And I can't imagine they'll be dry in the house because she's amazing. You know, he he was he was really a special individual, and you can see that reflected in his family, and it'll be reflected on that day. It just it's not fair that he won't be there. You know, I've mentioned this before. But we've never really experienced this any of us. It's been eighty three years since there was any player who got elected on the first ballot and was not alive to enjoy it Christy Mathewson in the very first hall of fame election, ever, the only other one I mean, my only recollection of all the hall of fame I've done with with the pro football fame where a first the first ballots election not there. It's happened twice. Reggie White junior sale..

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