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Night. With as once again, the discussed this John Van Damme's first real movie. Think no no, no one isn't Cyborg before this. I don't know. I were the first row one. I know that that definitely before this That's slightly analog boys you're hearing is Dr Winter with us once again to. To discuss this wonderful film I got we had to do this why it so good. I thought that was actually going to be for bullshit because it's come out that rate is it Ray Dukes? Always Franken branks dukes frank is an absolute liar about everything and it's great. It's such a weird thing to have like to have that come out because in my childhood this this was Gospel like this movie is based on a true story and there was no way to easily look look stuff up and so like this Guy Frank Dukes was against ultimate furthest thing and basically made up the entire and of course we took it as Gospel because this was the movie of My childhood, the amount of time. I have done like flow posing with finger like weird finger nighthawks you back with like just like. The amount of times I. Have stood there and like flex by needs about to kick somebody is if a lot, it's a crazy amount does it does explain your obsessing doing the splits on the timing punching guys. Look at me do the split by say that a lot. Too for those of you who haven't seen this movie If if you want an introduction to adjust read like the the instruction manual, the Bordeaux Combat. Yeah basically like Johnny Cage's based making fun this yeah yeah. Underground fight club. And sometimes people die. But the reason why I picked this movie looks too. But one of the big ones it's finally a movie that addresses my biggest complaint about every movie. Is that there's not enough blood because and this will be. Blood. In the title there's also enough sport. Wait you're talking no holds barred would not have enough sport. No no holds barred had the exact right amount of sport for a movie about wrestling in the eighties..

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