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Sure oh yeah that's why i don't trust that's why i've never gone to amazon river i've been there they haven't been names on how we have a bad visual one thing i wrote i wanted to get around to this i'm sick of in in hockey all these super teams being created you'll see this another other sports like basketball the guys like phil castle changing teams he had filled forsberg that just they get traded to form so you don't have any team to grow up the old fashioned way together true that's why what india we have a bad visual for lamont melo is available is it lamella i i want us beyond the record as saying that because the var ball is that type of astle that name those kids l something i i can switch and choose i can going it's like an erector set out like i'm i wanted to calm lavoro there i think that's fair as as a white guy you lobello you aren't allowed to do that lobello it's uncomfortable when you miss la the youngest miss gender their names fellow ball rivaro navarro bowman lamella ball not bad visual he took like a million shots missed the mall ball hogg actually feel bad for the kid because he's you know it's tough to be born into a big bowler family and under live up to that big bowler status basket which has been hater he vast annual lane that's asking needs to just yet needs to chill out stay in your lane yeah it was it was a bad visual but that's all it is i've always wondered why why other parents would ever let their kids play on a team that's coached by live our because offenses very clearly going to be like.

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