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This to know who would win. Matchup one of the cool things about it rain. I kinda understand this. Whoever wins has to have incapacitated their opponent in such a way where they could stay there for two minutes and have no threat whatsoever from their opponent from battlefield removal. They've been killed or they're tied up. Whatever it is in that iconic episode where a ufo sorry spoiler alert ufo kind of crashed onto homer. Sure enough he get crashed get smashed him but he got up about fourteen seconds about ten seconds really after therefore who would win style matchup. This thing is still up in the air. As far as we're concerned they're still fighting that battle from them because it never actually ended. That's true that you know i. It's almost like these are like you know. Have this a more or mortality highlander. Kind of thing going on. It's epic in every way you can think possible now with that being said it's time to introduce the judge because you have an epic battle. You need an epic judge moore in their first appearance all the time making their first appearance. I'm so excited by his actor. Aging man child taste one to know one by the way and a bonafide walking encyclopedia nerd facts. Of course i'm talking about matthew. David rudd matthew welcomed a who would win. Hey great to be here. Let me tell you. I'm loving the. Wwe commentary energy. Going on between you. Two and i'm loving. Who knew that. Ray could do such a brilliant homer simpson impression. Did you guys know that. I had no clue right now. I didn't. i'm excited to hear you say that. I didn't know what was happening until halfway through it and i was like. Oh he's doing homer simpson away. That was his imprint. Oh i thought. I don't i mean that's great ray. That was awesome matthew. More importantly onto you. You're another actor. Whose got he long list of amazing credits for our who had went audience. Whatever we're going to call them. Tell them some of the you know the great roles you've done so far. I do a lot of voice acting. That's my main my main gig. I'm panda from jujitsu. Kaizen rock raith razor from tower of god. I play a bunch of other characters in anime as the the you know go deeper than that but those are my two big guys. I play a character called belial in a video game called gramm blue fantasy. You know lots of good stuff. Yeah i'd say those are all pretty amazing roles you said something. We talked a little bit before the show. And that's why choose that. You said that you are a walking encyclopedia of nerd facts and by doing the show. Ray i think you can bring the you. And i raise cain as are in fact encyclopedias. Nerd facts so matthew you wanna say you're part of our club. I'm gonna put you up to the challenge. His with to just to uber. Nerd facts to establish your geek read right now. Well it's interesting. You say to because two facts that i know going.

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