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Free the word with david platt is a resource from radical darning matthew chapter thirteen verse fortyfour jesus says the kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field which a man found in covered up then in his joy he goes in cells all that he has and buys that field what a great first what a great picture so imagine this man walking into a field he discovers a treasure their that nobody else noses there and so what does he do he buries it covers it up and it goes away and he starts selling everything he has everything yes that's what the text says all that he asked and you can imagine people coming up to him saying you're crazy why are you selling all that you have and he says i'm going to buy that field over there of course they don't know what's in the field and so they see your crazy resell all you out to buy that failed any smiles as he looks for them and he says i've got a hunch he's smiles because inside he knows that he is found something that's worth losing everything four and thus the point of this little story in christ in the kingdom of christ we have found some one something that's worth losing everything for it just makes sense now not to the world a doesn't make sense to forsake pleasures in pursuits and possessions in this world to follow christ it makes no sense the role that looks crazy to the world but we know weakens smile because inside we know that in christ we have found someone who is worth losing everything for so i encourage you based on this text don't hold tightly to the fleeting pleasures and possessions and pursuits of this world hold tightly to the treasure of christ even though it.

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