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For the ready to take all there you go, see dot always ready to take it on as you have been working throughout the house shutdowns relative to Covid nineteen and that work continues with the night twenty-five closure tomorrow night, right? Yeah, so we this is This is a pretty big one So this will basically be the shutting down of I twenty five from four zero, two of their Johnstown to thirty four So what that's going to and that is so that we can put the girders up for the Larimer County Road Twenty Bridge. that is going across over there that we tour down before now. We're putting backup, so we can whiten it. and so two tomorrow night from nine PM. Tomorrow night until five am the next morning. I twenty five will be closed, but we'll have detours basically around it, so you'll get end up going up for two and over through loveland or around Greeley off off on the side so not a horrible detour, but if you can avoid it tomorrow night, that's probably a good idea. And earning up for some Kurt her work, I love it exactly. Closure tomorrow night four zero, two to thirty four on I. Twenty Five Nine PM to five am yeah, and that'll be the girder in, and then about a week later, the the night of June eighth into the ninth We'll be setting the overhangs and the deck panels. So that's another situation when you really don't want hers driving underneath. Wouldn't be. Wouldn't be prudent so we'll have the closure that night, and then the only other one that will need will be one probably mid July to actually POURED THE DECK! On that bridge so couple of inconveniences, but we're getting that bridge ready to reopen, which is nice. Oh, absolutely looking forward to that and then is that work complete than at I twenty five in that area? Well we still obviously We're still obviously working on the lanes under there but in terms of the bridge. Once once we get that port and then we'll get. The connection goal made up We'll have that reopened And then, but you know obviously we have worked going on thirty four right now. That's going to be another big project. That, YOU'RE GONNA. See over the next two years. So that's going to be a lot of work going on in that area so. That it's coming in and but it will be so much better when it's all done. No absolutely and that will require intermittent closures as well right. Yes, same kind of things, usually a single night kind of deal. We already had to do one one of those. Unfortunately at thirty four. We can. Actually we've created. bypasses through the on ramps and off ramps on thirty four, so the detour isn't quite as bad actually the twenty bridge actually requires a little longer detour than. than the others just because there's not a good, get around. Well good to know that good things are coming our way when it comes to thirty four and I twenty five. Is that work continues, and you've got some work going on in both the brush and Fort Morgan as well. Yeah! This is a project that's been going on for a little while, but we haven't really given anybody any updates This is a really unique project. We had some work that was going on on I twenty five. I twenty, five, seventy, six out of out by Fort Morgan and brush. And, but then we also had some work that we had to do both in town in Fort. Morgan Enin Brush ah the with the ADA and some work being done on thirty four through town there. And what we did was we actually were able to combine the two projects, so we have one project team basically handling the whole thing. And because of that they've been able to come up with some really unique advantages currently. If you've been in downtown brush, you would know. It is very ugly right now because the city had to come in and tear up to put in a waterline. And we took advantage of that same opportunity to work on our ramps at the same time, so we don't have to have to closures and so that closure. Of the downtown area, will basically we we were able to. Move a lot quicker, but by having a contractor over the entire project. They were able to make that move on the fly. So this was actually this came up fairly quickly. and we were able to get done and move a lot quicker, so we kind of had to juggle the schedule. Bet But it's GonNa work out better for the folks over there, too, so just know that if your fort were GonNa Brush, there is quite a bit of work between the two towns, both on thirty four, and on I seventy six, but it is moving very very quickly. Well that's good to hear as well as progress continues, all good stuff. Jared files CDOT REGION FOR COMMUNICATIONS manager. Thanks as always for the updates. We certainly do appreciate it. Absolutely go..

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