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Miss pat man over packman even more specific than that super ms pack man was my jam what did she do we'll see i come to find out in later years that this was an official game but it was on the marquee super miss back ma'am but it was just a turbo version of miss 'pacman so miss bagman went faster than the ghosts made a little bit easier but that was again that that put most my quarters in after that tron buenos up like that may be gauntlett every once in awhile is we got older i'm sure you guys are your role but same ages arcade started the disappear our options for coin ops became what did they have at the seven eleven or what did they have at the hotel you might be staying at in little room with three gains in it so you got to be the point where is like only the biggest games would stick around and i think that's were games like gauntlet in teenage mutant ninja turtles started to really become a thing in my life yeah i think those also had the benefit of leg fourplayer lay said that eu we had at that point the nintendo in your house yes and i remember getting an atari and being like well it's fawn but it's not as good as the arcade and then getting a legal vision be like well it's better it's still not as good as the arcade and then i even got the nintendo entertainment system and i'm like oh is so close but it's still half the arcade and then finally i think with the sixteen bid systems and beyond you know the arcades were left in the dust and with multiplayer online play you no longer needed to shove a dollar into a machine but i think things like streetfighter and mutant ninja turtles and all of those multiplayer coin ops were the ones that held on in the late eighties in the nineties that words around so much in the earlier days i've actually this couldn't have come at a better time i spent 2017 doing a national tour of classic arcade games i have played pack manning gala gun miss pack bannon superpac man a baby pacman and donkey called poll.

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