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At one o'clock for the jaguars and patriots in than five fortyfive the vikings neagle's and of course watch on cbs and fox this weekend it's been that there are two teams that have really done themselves quite admirably considering they lost some key players alan robinson lost by the jaguars early on the patriots lost julian ataman both teams are in their conference championships you have to be able to overcome injuries now it's one thing to suffer one injury to a major player into suffered multiple injuries to a major player but let's not make total excuses for the houston texas in all the injuries that they suffered this past season i mean the biggest injury that took place happened at quarterback obviously that's going to turn things quite southie if after a couple of really good games he leaves and then you're forced to try to scramble and get any possible offense mm you're probably going to results in a lot of losses anna four and twelve campaign that largely made you wanna you know not watch football again but they have got rather from a debt first backed if they've got to be better at overcoming injuries one guy going down should not be the end of the year three four guys going down okay i get it still though the best teams and football these things don't affect them as much as you'd think they would their somehow able to overcome it pages of and banged up a lot of this season the eagles who earlier banged up their loss carson whence they made it all the way to the super bowl still the importance of a backup quarterback has shown there i know nick fold is everyone's cup of tea but you take over thomson savage one you would anyone takes tom savage over nick false i don't think so i hope not i hope we didn't say that i hope no one on her station said that old known in the city said that you have death the eagles defensively they've got a lotta definitely defensive line i got about six guys that they can rotate in and out six that's a lot hi caliber players do they ought to starting caliber running backs they they have jay jyle they traded for the season and of course they.

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