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What's the controversy over Joe Rogan's podcast really all about? Now, Joe Rogan is, well, he's not a conservative. He is a fellow who doesn't go with the establishment. He's a fellow who asks questions. He's a fellow who likes to learn, he puts guys on his podcast, he doesn't mind putting guys from widely across the political spectrum. It's not clear what Joe Rogan's own politics are at one point I think he said he voted for why I wanted to vote for Bernie Sanders. I know that he wasn't an enthusiast of Biden. In fact, he memorably described Biden as going with Biden as kind of going on a hike with a guy with a very dim lightbulb that was about to go out. Flashlight. And this is the intolerable Ness if I can coin a word of Joe Rogan is that he doesn't play from the official, while sheet music. And this is why the left is determined to get him. He also has a wide reach of big influence the number one podcast really in the country. And so they want to bring Joe Rogan to heal. And this all started with a couple of hundred medical professionals and now some of them were just med students. This wasn't really the best and the brightest of the medical community, but nevertheless, they dash off this letter to Spotify, Joe Rogan is putting out misinformation, I guess this has to do with Rogan's interview with Malone, the virologist and the epidemiologist who is a partial inventor of the mRNA technology. And this is a guy who Malone, who's not, again, on board with the CDC on COVID. And so they want to get Joe Rogan's podcast pulled off of Spotify. And then Neil Young, the musician jumped on board and goes, I'm gonna pull my music from Spotify and Spotify is like, okay, and now others have piled in Joni Mitchell, apparently Bruce Springsteen Crosby, Stills & Nash. Now, if you notice most of these guys are like 75 year old rockers, we're not talking here about the biggest stars of music today. They've been a little bit silent about all this, but this pressure from the left for these people to join in. At one point, I saw something with the effect of the obamas are now using their leverage with Spotify to pull

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